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Julian Scanlan (born May 1, 1997), known professionally as Slushii, is an American musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer based in Los Angeles. He is best known for working with various artists managed by Moe Shalizi, such as Marshmello, Ookay, and Jauz, and for gaining support from notable musician and Owsla-record label founder Skrillex. He signed for Red Light Management in February 2016. His first single for Canadian label Monstercat, Emptiness, was released on April 20, 2016. He self-released his seven-track debut extended play titled “Brain Freeze” on May 20, 2016. YourEDM gave it a 9.2 out of 10 ratings. His musical style includes contemporary EDM production combining helium vocals, giddy trance synths, trap drums, and dubstep drops. He released “Dear Me” as a free download. In March 2017, Slushii released a dubstep single titled “Catch Me”. It was described as an “upbeat, trap step-inspired & bass-heavy track”. He later collaborated with future bass DJ, Marshmello, for their single “Twinbow”, though this is not the first time that they have collaborated. On August 4, 2017, Slushii released his debut studio album titled Out of Light, which contained 13 songs, including “Dear Me”. Here are all of Slushii’s songs ranked.

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10. There X2 (feat. Marshmello) (There x2, 2018)

“Slushii’s LIVE mixing is basically flawless. I grew up around DJ brothers and my ex is a DJ so Im very familiar and Slushii is the BEST I’ve heard in a long time —- he’s so focused engaging and he plays to the point — short but sweet yet has about perfect timing and transitions…”

9. So Long (So Long, 2016)

“I will never leave this music… as long as I’m alive! Slushii did an amazing job & everyone else who contributed to this project, just lovely.”

8. Make Me Feel (Brain Freeze, 2016)

“This should be the new golden standard of mastering and a new testament to the power of simplistic but highly effective sound design. I’m obsessed”

DREAM - Album by Slushii | Spotify

7. Statik Shock Brain Freeze, 2016)

“So grungy that when I close my eyes I imagine myself in a dimly lit cave with thousands of other sweaty bodies loosing our minds to this progressive dubstep, steadily, nonstop, shuffling”

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6. Twinbow (Twinbow, 2017)

“Absolutely love the instrumentals and think the it’s a great song by 2 amazing song writers, keep up the awesome work Marshmello and Slushii, your songs always put me in a better mood”

5. Alone (Alone, 2016)

“The iconic single that flipped the world upside down was remixed into Dubstep by the Slush artist! Honestly, lots of things have changed but its still awe-inspiring. Love it.”

Slushii – Out of Light Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

4. Dear Me (Out of Light, 2017)

“This song represents Slushii’s whole musical career: The verse is chill, the first bass line is happy & the last two are dubstep. Best song ever!”

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3. Emptiness (Emptiness, 2016)

“Alright another Dubstep Track yes! This is more like it! I really like this one. Sounds something from 2011 and 2012. A little nostalgic there. And I never heard Slushii before so yeah, its pretty good.”

2. Take My Hand (Brain Freeze, 2016)

“When I listen closely, I hear some sort of high pitched noise that oddly reminds me of a vacuum and I get the sudden urge to clean.”

Slushii – Take My Hand Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

1. Out of Light (Out of Light, 2017)

“This music inspires me. They always make me feel better when I’m sad or in a bad situation.. Listening to this even after three years hit different. Almost made a man tear up.”