Paul Oakenfold Songs Ranked

Paul Mark Oakenfold (born 30 August 1963), formerly known mononymously as Oakenfold, is an English record producer and trance DJ. He is a three-time Grammy Award and two-time World Music Awards nominee. He was voted the No. 1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine. Oakenfold has provided over 100 remixes for over 100 artists including U2, Moby, Madonna, Britney Spears, Massive Attack, The Cure, New Order, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, and Michael Jackson. Oakenfold’s musical career began in the late 1970s when he met Trevor Fung and began helping him DJ soul music in a Covent Garden wine bar. Here in London, he also met Rumours where he played Earth, Wind and Fire and popular British bands. In 1981, 18-year-old Oakenfold and his friend Ian Paul moved to New York City. Oakenfold worked as a courier in West Harlem. During this time, hip-hop was overtaking dance music as the most popular sound in the area (see 1984 in music). Oakenfold and Paul used fake identification to sneak into various dance clubs, like Studio 54, where they met members of the band Maze, Bobby Womack, and Bob Marley, whom they also interviewed, claiming to be NME and Melody Maker journalists. Here are all of Paul Oakenfold’s songs ranked.

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10. Starry Eyed Surprise (Smash Hits: Let’s Party, 2002)

“This is a pretty bold statement, but here it is: this is my absolute #1 hands-down favorite song to dance to, of all time. If you ever catch me responsible for the music at a party, this is what I put on when the energy is at its peak. It never fails. This song always feels good. That’s what music is fundamentally about, isn’t it?”

9. Southern Sun (Bunkka, 2002)

“The most beautiful trance song ever.. Amazing vocals, JUST PERFECT! Pure genius from Oakenfold, love this song and always will!”

8. Sex N’ Money (A Lively Mind, 2006)

“Insane. The best way possible. Really steps up the intensity, the right way, the right direction. Very catchy bass tab but it can get a bit repetitive at times. Indescribable.”

Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto Presents... Travelling (2000, CD) - Discogs

7. I’m Addicted to Speed (I’m Addicted to Speed, 2001)

“I remembered this song after watching the French movie Burn Out (2018). They should have used it in the trailer or as part of the action scenes! A song that captures what that film is about. I highly recommend that awesome movie!”

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6. Delerium Silence (Delerium Silence, 2012)

“An awesome racing song! Listen to it when I’m playing Need for Speed! First of all, Sarah McLachlan has the voice of an angel…paired along with this amazing techno, dance, club mix of music, is surprisingly refreshing. The only thing I would change is to have a little more of her vocals in the song.”

5. Dark Machine (Swordfish, 2001)

“This is the sound of running shell commands on a *nix system and visually parsing the output while a cool evening breeze from an open window pushes coffee steam to and from…

Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto Presents... Great Wall (2003, CD) - Discogs

4. Password (Swordfish, 2001)

“This song is so beast, awesome when you want to get pumped, get in a good mood, work out, or just jam to. Makes me want to jump and dance around, their best song hands down!”

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3. Planet Rock (Planet Rock, 1982)

“Love this! Every time I listen to it and it drops I just smile because of how amazing it is, makes you wanna jump around.. I can’t imagine how awesome it is live!”

2. Ready, Steady, Go (Bunkka, 2002)

“When I think car chase music, I think Ready, Steady, Go by Paul Oakenfold. No other song IMO captures the thrill, the suspense, tension and swift speed of a movie chase as perfect as this song does.”

Oakenfold – Bunkka (2002, CD) - Discogs

1. Get Out of My Life Now (Swordfish, 2001)

“When Paul Oakenfold wasn’t greedy and had a soul . So many other DJ’s got ruined by the money and the masses commercialization . Even Moby is since more than a decade stupid he was much better in the 90’s his early works .”