Dancing Undercover Songs Ranked

Dancing Undercover is the third studio album by American glam metal band Ratt, released in 1986. The album was produced by Beau Hill and contains the hit single/video “Dance”, which appeared in the Miami Vice episode “Down for the Count”. Two other videos were made, “Body Talk”, which was used on the soundtrack for Eddie Murphy’s film, The Golden Child, and “Slip of the Lip”. It charted at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 chart and at No. 14 on Rolling Stone’s Album Chart. The album went platinum. Ratt’s opening acts on the tour in support of the album included Poison, Cinderella, Cheap Trick, Queensrÿche and Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Here are all of Dancing Undercover’s songs ranked.

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10. Body Talk

“Body Talk” is a fun upbeat rocker, one of Dancing Undercover’s best and the heaviest. The guitars in the intro are clean and stunning and then they jump into one of those bow trademark heavy crunchy riffs.”

9. Slip of the Lip

“Slip of The Lip” is a great commercial rock song, this is one of the most memorable moments here. Penned by guitarist Warren DeMartini, vocalist Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier, the loose-lips-sink-ships “Slip of the Lip” was pulled from Ratt’s third studio LP, Dancing Undercover, for promotional release as a single.”

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8. Drive Me Crazy

“Drive Me Crazy” which showcases the rhythm section a little bit. Although the guitars and Pearcy’s voice really define the sound of the group, these guys are all capable musicians in the studio – at least they were when this was made before drugs and sex addictions started to rip them apart.”

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7. One Good Lover

“One Good Lover” is an underrated number, a solid rocker that gets stuck in your head although no one seems to give this one any attention (maybe it’s just underrated to me?). “One Good Lover” – the best song on the record in my opinion, and good enough to buy the album for”

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6. Dance

“Dance is a very catchy opener (Pearcy sounding as good as he ever has/ever would) and is the standout track. It’s one of Ratt’s very best songs. Body Talk is also among their best, hard driving but catchy.”

5. Enough Is Enough

“The final song is called Enough Is Enough and that seems perfectly fitting, because by the time you get to it, that’s exactly what you’re thinking. Ratt is unraveling fast. They phoned in 80% of this album.”

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4. Take a Chance

“Stephen Pearcy, Warren Demartini, Robin Crosby, Juan Croucier and Bobby Blotzer sound just as good and tight a unit as they did on the first two albums. The playing is great (although more restrained and a little less over the top with solos), they still have that groove we love so much it’s just the songs aren’t as great this time around.”

3. It Doesn’t Matter

“It Doesn’t Matter” has good playing, the music is good but none of the lyrics/verses/chorus have much charm to them, average at best. Truthfully, this album gets an unfair amount of criticism, as there’s a lot to like here”

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2. 7th Avenue

“Ultimate highlight is the eighties hooker and bars ‘7th Avenue’ which sleazes and purrs to perfection. The musicianship is always solid if not workman like at times.”

1. Looking for Love

“Looking For Love”, it has a catchy chorus and it has its place here. It’s after this song that things start to go south and we get songs that range from filler to just plain average. The solos on the filler song Looking For Love are fierce, though they cut the last one right in half.”