Ratt Songs Ranked

Ratt is an American heavy metal band that had significant commercial success in the 1980s, with their albums having been certified as gold, platinum, and multi-platinum by the RIAA. The group is perhaps best known for hit singles such as “Round and Round” and “Lay It Down”, tracks that ranked on Billboard’s top 40 at No. 12 and No. 40, respectively, as well as other songs such as “Wanted Man”, “You’re in Love” and “Dance”. Along with groups such as friendly rivals Mötley Crüe, Ratt has been recognized as instrumental in the formation of the early 1980s Los Angeles glam metal scene, also known as “hair metal” or “pop metal.” Here are all of Ratt’s songs ranked.

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20. What You Give Is What You Get (Invasion of Your Privacy, 1985)

“Great riff; great intelligent rhyming lyrics; great message; melodic. Very underrated and underappreciated song. Beautiful rhythm and lead guitar… Great vocals.”

19. Eat Me Up Alive (Infestation, 2010)

“Killer song, blazing fast, awesome guitars. What a incredible comeback album for these guys. Pick it up if you have not already. The entire CD is excellent, but this one shines the most.”

18. Best of Me (Infestation, 2010)

“It always amazes me how these bands who were around 20 – 30 years ago still put out music as good good as this. I always have my doubts when bands like this come around again and put out a new album after years, but these guys put my doubts to rest the moment I heard this. Nice to know Stephens still got it.”

17. Nobody Rides for Free (Point Break, 1991)

“Nobody rides for free – only found on the point break sound track…great song – tons of attitude – as usual…video could’ve been way better…perhaps the most overlooked and neglected song they ever did…I like it!…if you’ve got the time – give it a revisit…and turn it up loud…”

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16. Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job (Detonator, 1990)

“Pullin’ outta the ’80s, Ratt’s commercial peak may have been in the rearview mirror, but that wasn’t about to stop the rockin’ rodents. With the 1990 release of the Sir Arthur Payson produced _Detonator_ LP, Ratt kicked-out “Shame, Shame, Shame”, “Hard Time” and the nothin’-to-lose “Scratch That Itch”. In addition, the boys from the seedy side of Los Angeles laid down the funk ‘n’ rollin’ “Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job”. The sexually charged cut, which opens with a tasty Warren DeMartini guitar lick, followed by Bobby Blotzer’s kit pounding, was issued as a single in the U.K. via a twelve-inch slab of vinyl. Stephen Pearcy lays on the I’m-the-man-to-do-it, chest beatin’ vocals for the wild morning-after three-minute rocker which was penned by DeMartini, Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier, and outsider Desmond Child.”

15. One Step Away (Detonator, 1990)

“The songwriting here is better than usual, and there isn’t as much filler as on other Ratt albums. Yeah, it’s a bit more poppy than some of their early stuff, but I don’t mind, it has some of Ratt’s best songs, like “One Step Away”!”

14. I Want a Woman (Reach for the Sky, 1988)

“I think that, after Round and Round, this is probably Ratt’s second-best song. Lay It Down could be second, but I feel that I Want a Woman is their second-best. Great chorus and vocals. Great guitar and bass part. All around, great hard-rock song.”

13. Way Cool Jr. (Reach for the Sky, 1988)

“No other song in their music catalog sounds like this one. The use of horns was clever. I wish they could have done more of that.”

12. Slip of the Lip (Dancing Undercover, 1986)

“The I-like-the-way-you-move-your-hips three-minute shot of Ratt rollin’ action packs full-on swagger and a cool low-slung groove that was made for high-grade pole dancing. Stack-heel struttin’ stripper rock to the max…”

11. Wanted Man (Out of the Cellar, 1984)

“Awesome song with very cool tempo changes. Excellent rhythm and lead guitar. Pearcy delivers strong vocals on this one. The classic of hairband days! One of their bests!”

10. I’m Insane (Out of the Cellar, 1984)

“One of Ratt’s fastest songs, it’s driving guitar and drums are motivating. Just a flat out rocker, great chorus, great vocals, great grove to this song.”

9. Lack of Communication (Out of the Cellar, 1984)

“This song was ahead of its time when you listen to the thrashing guitars at the beginning. Excellent lyrics, strong rhythm and lead guitars”

8. Givin’ Yourself Away (Detonator, 1990)

“Most meaningful ratt song! Especially since it’s there later work. Also check out your in love round and round and body talk all time greats! Incredible Power Ballad! And one of my favorite Ratt songs!

7. Never Use Love (Invasion of Your Privacy, 1985)

“RATT Delivers another incredibly catchy song with a great hook. One of their most underrated songs. Brilliant intro and the song stands up against all the rest.”

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6. Dance (Dancing Undercover, 1986)

“My favorite RATT song! Just a great combo of vocals, guitar, melody, beat, & rhythm! Hard to pick a best Ratt song. Butt…this one’s hard to beat.”

5. Back for More (Out of the Cellar, 1984)

“Cool acoustic 12 string intro, heavy and interesting dual guitar riffing, killer hooks, and even better solos. What more could one ask for? Robbin “King” Crosby really shines on this song with the Acoustic intro. Awesome rhythm guitar in this song and a great song live too.”

4. You’re in Love (Invasion of Your Privacy, 1985)

“Starts off with a smoking riff, a great solo, and the rhythm section of Juan, King, and Bobby is just tight as hell in this song. Great intro, great lyrics, tight song, amazingly well put together. Their finest for sure”

3. Body Talk (Dancing Undercover, 1986)

“This is an incredible song. Great rhythm guitar and solo. It spins me like a top! This song is unquestionably and absolutely superior to “round and round” it is a very underestimated song. It has a better rhythm and so much better.”

2. Lay It Down (Invasion of Your Privacy, 1985)

“One of the all-time classics riffs by the great Warren Demartini on lead guitar. Great solo also. Strong backup vocals, this song has it all. Has a smooth, melodic rhythm throughout the song. By far, the best song they made!”

1. Round and Round (Out of the Cellar, 1984)

“I love Ratt they are awesome but I have a favorite song off of them thow that has to be round and round it is awesome it just makes you just want to get up and sing to it but great singing great solo and by the way great BAND”