REO Speedwagon Songs Ranked

REO Speedwagon (originally stylized as R.E.O. Speedwagon) is an American rock band from Champaign, Illinois. Formed in 1967, the band cultivated a following during the 1970s and achieved significant commercial success throughout the 1980s. The group’s best-selling album, Hi Infidelity (1980), contained four US Top 40 hits and sold more than 10 million copies.
Over the course of its career, the band has sold more than 40 million records and has charted 13 Top 40 hits, including the number ones “Keep On Loving You” and “Can’t Fight This Feeling”. REO Speedwagon’s mainstream popularity waned in the late 1980s, but the band remains a popular live act. Here are all of REO Speedwagon’s songs ranked.

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15. Live Every Moment (Wheels Are Turnin’, 1984)

“This song lives on forever. Even young teenagers today like the words and the lead guitar work. A fine album for the genre. REO Speedwagon was one of my favorites during the 80’s. This is probably there most consistently enjoyable album.”

14. I Don’t Want to Lose You (The Hits, 1988)

“I’ve been into various music artists since i was a kid. Songs from the 80s have a special place where memories are concerned. REO Speedwagon is one of about 18 artists from the 80s that take me back 2 the wild times.”

13. In Your Letter (Hi Infidelity, 1980)

“I loved these songs when they were new, I know, I heard them then, and I still love to listen to them. Seen them in concert some years ago. Liked their songs from way back..”

12. Ridin’ the Storm Out (Ridin’ the Storm Out, 1973)

“Before REO Speedwagon wimped-out in a major way as the ’80s took hold, the Illinois-based group recorded several rock songs that packed muscle. The rustbelt rockin’ “Ridin’ the Storm Out” was a weekend keg party staple during my High School years in the mid-’70s, when the group was constantly touring the heartland of America. I lost count long ago of the number of wasted nights that my friends and I caught REO Speedwagon performing on stage, either as a warm-up group or as a headliner, in Southern Wisconsin during the high-times decade. In my mind, “Ridin’ the Storm Out” is the perfect chaser to Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way”.

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11. Here with Me (The Hits, 1988)

“It was time for a greatest hits package, which meant it was time for a new song to advertise said greatest hits package, which meant (in 1988) it was time for another dreary REO ballad. It didn’t chart all that high but it stuck around for an eternity. It may still be on the chart, for all I know.”

10. In My Dreams (Life as We Know It, 1987)

“I almost forgot about this song. When I came across it again and listened to it it took me back to my middle school days when I would sneak a Walkman into school and listen to find in class instead of the teachers. I just had to have it again.”

9. Roll with the Changes (You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish, 1978)

“With an intro of raucous, rowdy refrain of boogie piano, Richrach dropping his crisp but muscular lead shreds, and Cronin’s earnest lyrical offerings (“If you’re tired of the same old story, turn some pages / I’ll be here when you are ready to roll with the changes”) and a killer organ/guitar instrumental break, this is about as good as you’ll get from REO.”

8. Don’t Let Him Go (Hi Infidelity, 1980)

“REO Speedwagon never did anything that I would call “great”, in my personal opinion, but they got to the “very good” level a few times. This is one of those few times – an especially driving drum line, some surprisingly good turns-of-phrase, and a catchy chorus. This one also benefits from not being played to death at any point in musical history.”

7. Keep the Fire Burnin’ (Good Trouble, 1982)

“I have the Spanish edition that has a different back cover then the german or Dutch edition with the same number. Also the cover is a little different because the spanish edition has the title KEEP THE FIRE BURNIN´at the bottom left and the german/dutch has it left up . Also the logo of REO SPEEDWAGON is different on both editions.”

6. One Lonely Night (Wheels Are Turnin’, 1984)

“With the massive success of “Keep On Lovin’ You” in 1980/81, REO steered away from its rock roots towards ballads, a la Chicago and Heart. Most of those ballads are harmless but pointless. But for some reason, this one stands above the others around it. I didn’t notice that until the 2010s, though. Now I really like it. The chorus is pretty catchy. Good song.”

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5. Time for Me to Fly (You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish, 1978)

“It’s REO Speedwagon. Brings back fond memories, and it’s a great song to sing out loud along with the radio! I love this song. I have been a fan of this band for Avery long time. I recommend this song to everyone.”

4. That Ain’t Love (Life as We Know It, 1987)

“Even though I like all types of music REO Speed wagon is one of my most favorite bands. I have seen this band in concert and they put on one heck of a show.”

3. Take It on the Run (Hi Infidelity, 1980)

“Classic Cheese but must admit that this one I always liked, I heard it on the radio and thought it was one of the good Eagles tracks. The band by this time was very bad, the music was not all that great, the vocals were cheesy, the guitar solo was lame, and yet this one I like alot. Dont hear it on KSHE 102.5, cheese all the time and your good.”

2. Keep on Loving You (Hi Infidelity, 1980)

“Easily the best REO Speedwagon hit ballad, and yes, that’s rather faint praise. This song at least has a bit of backbone, with a good guitar solo and well-placed backing vocals. It also has some rather bizarre lyrics. “You played dead/but you never bled/instead you laid still in the grass/all coiled up and hissing” may not be Dylan, but it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than candles in the window on cold dark winter nights.”

1. Can’t Fight This Feeling (Wheels Are Turnin’, 1984)

“The is a very romantic love song for anyone who loves someone but is afraid to go for it. I love that is just says enough but not to much. I think anyone that is in love should listen to this song.It is for the person that is just in reach for the one he loves but can’t quite get her. He has a deep feeling for the girl that he just can’t tell her about.”