Danzig Albums Ranked

Danzig is an American heavy metal band led by former Samhain and Misfits singer Glenn Danzig. Formed in 1987 in Lodi, New Jersey, the group early on became a unique voice in the rock scene, playing a bluesy, doom-laden metal with Danzig crooning in the style of Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley. Danzig’s openly satanic lyrics and image stirred a degree of controversy. After a major hit with a live version of its 1988 song “Mother”, the band experimented with industrial music but later returned to heavy metal. To date, Danzig has released twelve studio albums (two consisting entirely of cover versions), two EPs, one live album, and one compilation album. Here are all of Danzig albums ranked.

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9. Blackacidevil (1996)

“I came across “Blackacidevil” and saw that it was a collaboration with Jerry Cantrell of “Alice in Chains”. The two make an awesome blend of grunge and metal that doesn’t sound dated to the 90’s but rather has an edgy modern sound. I like music that moves me. The combination of guitars and vocals in this album work in unison to get me off. Another reason I respect Danzig as an artist is that he delivers the most “headbang for your buck”. I got so tired of buying CD’s and there would be one or two good songs and the rest were crap. This whole CD rocks!”

8. Black Laden Crown (2017)

“‘Black Laden Crown’ is bang on from the start. The first 3 songs meld together and act as a nice introduction. I really like ‘Eyes Rippin’ Fire. Its dirty, nasty, low strung. The vocal delivery by Danzig is not clean and nice. It’s not meant to be. He’s howlin’ more and going for the rawness. This isn’t 1987 and he’s not some young guy trying to establish himself after the Misfits. He’s a grown, old in some eyes, weathered man who is still believing; giving’ blood. ‘Last Ride’ is really nice too. “

7. Circle of Snakes (2004)

“Really heavy and one of Danzig’s best, I love it! Sorry that I missed this tour but at least I got to hear Skincarver as the opener in some shows in 2015 and 2017. If you like Danzig definitely get this CD. It may be more money because it’s out of print but it’s well worth it!!! Awesome guitar from Tommy Victor and of course the best vocals from the greatest metal vocalist ever, Glenn Danzig!!”

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6. 6:66 Satan’s Child (1999)

“One of Danzig’s darkest CDs overall If you are looking for one of his most underrated albums this is the one. Everyone song is good. The tune Lilin continues this dudes fixation on hot witch chicks from hell. I might argue that killer tracks like Black Mass or Skincarver are missing here but overall this one is worth the time.”

5. I Luciferi (2002)

“This record starts off with an instrumental intro track which is very strange, but in an awesome way. It’s what I imagine slowly falling through a black hole would sound like if it were audible. From there, track 2 starts off with a big boot right up your ass, and the aural assault almost never lets you relax. This album is dark, heavy, brooding, evil, and at times even very sexual in the form of track 3, “Wicked Pussycat.”

4. Deth Red Sabaoth (2010)

“To put “Deth Red Sabaoth” in perspective, consider the span of Glen Danzig’s career, not just the last 23 years with the band Danzig. What makes this album so satisfying is that touches on nearly every style in his ouvre – from the punk/thrash of the Misfits to the gothic/death metal of Samhain to the evil blues metal of early Danzig. The first “Pyre of Souls” track even evokes a bit of the “Black Aria” material.”

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3. Danzig III: How the Gods Kill (1992)

“This album is very dark, and heavy at times, but also contains that bluesy feel that Danzig 1 – 3 all do. Danzig’s voice may have very well been in it’s prime at this point, he is just amazing on this album. I am a huge fan of all Danzig material, The Misfits, Samhain, and of course Danzig, and this is definitely one of the best works of his career. The band is incredible as well, Eerie Von is a great bassist, John Christ is an incredible guitar player, and Chuck Buscuits is one of the best drummers I’ve ever heard.”

2. Danzig (1998)

“All of the songs here are very good and the aforementioned “Mother” would actually be a big hit six years later at the height of grunge when featured on the EP Demonsweatlive. “She Rides” would become a legendary song in the strip clubs while “Not of this World” and “Evil Thing” had killer guitar lines that attracted fans of both punk and heavy metal. The songs “Soul on Fire”, “Possession”, and “End of Time” were more dramatic and were just as impressive.”

1. Danzig II: Lucifuge (1990)

“If you were a metalhead teen in the early 90’s(like me), then groups like Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Slayer and Danzig were required listening. I quickly developed an affinity for Danzig, not so much because many aspects of the band and music seemed blasphemous, but because their music just sounded SOOOOO damn good. Even by today’s standards, Lucifuge(Danzig’s 2nd album) holds up as an incredible album that’s so fun and thunderously awesome.”