Billy Squier Albums Ranked

William Haislip Squier (/ˈskwaɪ.ər/, born May 12, 1950) is an American rock singer-songwriter, musician, and guitarist, who had a string of arena rock and crossover hits in the early 1980s. His best-known songs include “The Stroke”, “Lonely Is the Night”, “My Kinda Lover”, “In the Dark”, “Rock Me Tonite”, “Everybody Wants You”, “Emotions in Motion”, “Love Is the Hero”, “Don’t Say You Love Me” and “The Big Beat”. Squier’s best selling album, 1981’s Don’t Say No, is considered a landmark release within the arena rock genre and bridging the gap between power pop and hard rock. His 1980 song “The Big Beat” is one of the most sampled drums breaks ever, being used by artists such as Run-DMC, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, UTFO, and Dizzee Rascal, to name a few. “The Stroke” has also shared its fair amount of sampling, most notably in Eminem’s 2013 hit “Berzerk”. Here are all of Billy Squier albums ranked.

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6. Tell The Truth (1993)

“”Tell the Truth” is actually a rather great album, and easily one of Squier’s most consistent and interesting efforts. No wonder he’s so scarred by its failure, because to this day, he professes enormous pride in the record, and after listening to it, I can’t exactly disagree with him. It’s certainly not a masterpiece, but it’s very well crafted, and the songwriting and playing are top-notch in every respect. Believe me, as far as rock albums went back in 1993, IMO it was quite a bit better than many things released that year, and deserved a FAR, FAR better fate than it received.”

5. Hear & Now (1989)

“1989’s Hear & Now has Billy Squier finding his way back to the sound that made him exceptional in the first place. It only took him 8 years to do it. Out of the gate you have the fake-live-sounding Rock Out/Punch Somebody which is kind of dark if you think about it. Wind me up I’m might punch somebody… Stronger is poppy with sax all over it. Not too bad, not amazing.”

4. The Tale Of The Tape (1980)

“This is a fantastic album! I have been a fan of his since I was in junior high. Don’t Say No was popular way back in the day. I had this cassette when I was younger and played it til it wore out. I received the cd as a gift. I would like to think of myself as an elitist when it comes to music, so if I think something is good, you can believe it.”

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3. Signs Of Life (1984)

“This CD contains some of Billy’s best songs. The big difference here that differentiates this CD from his previous efforts is the composition of the songs. Keyboards, synthesizers and heavy bass have replaced a lot of the heavier guitar riffs that characterized his earlier songs. The heavier use of synthetic instruments gives Signs a more alternative feel rather than a mainstream rock appeal. “

2. Emotions In Motion (1982)

“The album is a good listen from front to back, with nary a mediocre track to be found. I hold it perhaps in higher esteem than others might, simply because it’s a part of my life’s soundtrack. If you like “Don’t Say No”, then you won’t be disappointed by “Emotions in Motion. There is not a single bad track on this whole album. A must have for my classic rock music collection.”

1. Don’t Say No (1981)

“”Don’t Say No” was Billy Squier’s breakout album, led by the hit single, “The Stroke.” But if that’s all you know about this record, you are sorely misinformed. Top to bottom, this is a classic example of “all killer, no filler.” If you were paying any attention to rock music at the beginning of the 80’s, half of these songs will be immediately recognized. The opening threesome, “In The Dark”, “The Stroke” and “My Kinda Lover” you will know. I’m telling you, even if you don’t think you know these songs…you KNOW these songs.”