Darkest Hour Albums Ranked

Darkest Hour is an American heavy metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in 1995. Though failing to break through early in their tenure, the band has received acclaim for their albums Undoing Ruin, Deliver Us, and The Eternal Return. Deliver Us debuted at number 110 on the Billboard album charts, with sales of 6,600, and their more recent effort The Eternal Return garnered them an even higher position in the Billboard album charts at number 104. Their latest album Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora charted at 42 on the Billboard 200, a peak for the band, and it marked a stylistic shift in the band’s discography. Here are all of Darkest Hour albums ranked.

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10. The Prophecy Fulfilled (1998)

Darkest Hour – The Prophecy Fulfilled (1998, CD) - Discogs

“Darkest Hour is one of the most amazing bands out there. If you want just straight thrash influenced hardcore that doesn’t let up until you pause the cd, go buy anything from Darkest Hour. Unlike most bands who experiment with pretty melodies and cathy tunes and hooks, Darkest Hour is just trying to make heavy, mosh worthy music and they have done so successfully with every release.”

9. The Mark Of The Judas (2000)

Darkest Hour – The Mark Of The Judas (2000, CD) - Discogs

“This has always been my favorite Darkest Hour release (and my favorite record of all-time, actually). Something about the raw, ferocious guitars and drumming really do it for me. I always found this album to be highly underrated, but to each their own. And no, it doesn’t really sound like “Slaughter of the Soul”. At the Gates definitely comes off as much darker, while Darkest Hour’s riffage on MOTJ maintains a consistent breathiness that has been sadly absent since. Solid album from a consistently solid band.”

8. The Human Romance (2011)

The Human Romance (Bonus Track Edition) - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

“The Human Romance” is again delightfully catchy and well made. Sure it doesn’t take the cake for being extremely original, I enjoy this album just as much as their great previous records. Nice guitars and energy, mixed with a variety of change in tempi is what you can expect from this album. With their recent release, Darkest Hour prove once again that they are one of the few tolerable and talented Metalcore bands out there, very much deserving the community’s attention.”

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7. The Eternal Return (2009)

The Eternal Return - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

“Kris Norris leaving had no effect on this band. Mike S has been holding down the DH crew since its inception, and continues to do so. In fact, I’m glad Kris is gone, since the last record was one long sweeping guitar solo wank fest designed to stroke Norris’ ego. If I wanted to listen to guitar aerobics, there are multitudes of other guitarists out there that can do what Kris does better. I listen to DH for killer melodic tunes, with brutal screaming and thrashy”

6. So Sedated, So Secure (2001)

So Sedated, So Secure (Bonus Version) - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

“I absolutely love this album, it has some of the most skilful and catchy riffs iv ever heard, honestly im not a huge fan of a lot of really heavy music, a lot of it that I hear I don’t really like but every now and then I do hear an album that sounds so good it just blows my mind and so sedated so secure is one such album, please treat yourself and get this album if you haven’t already got it, I highly doubt you would be disappointed”

5. Darkest Hour (2014)

Dreamshade & Darkest Hour - Nothing but the Truth [single] (2021) » CORE  RADIO

“Cool to hear the band changing their sound up a bit because they’ve been at it for a long time without changing anything. They are playing much more on the melodic metalcore side of things with more poppy sections and clean sung, hooky choruses and are definitely leaning more towards a mainstream style.”

4. Deliver Us (2007)

Deliver Us by Darkest Hour (Album, Melodic Metalcore): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

“The band isn’t concerned with sounding tough or angry – they really just put a geeky amount of effort into making interesting and intricate songs for no particular crowd. It’s maybe one of their downfalls – they don’t really fit solidly enough into any of the stereotypical genres, so lack the backing of any fanatical, elitist fanbase that most “core” bands enjoy.”

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3. Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora (2017)

DARKEST HOUR – Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora – Southern Lord  Recordings

“Back to their older sound here, completely scrubbing the melodic metalcore and clean singing from the last album away. This is pure MDM with some regular metalcore influence which is played fast, heavy and dark. There is little focus on melody, unlike most of their work and more focus on speed and anger. Sure, some solid melodies pop up here and there but it’s definitely a huge departure from Darkest Hour. It’s a strong work and closer to the sound that brought them to the dance. So if you were turned off by the last album’s departure, you’ll like this one.”

2. Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation (2003)

Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

““Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation” was my first experience with Darkest Hour. The music here is a well-executed brand of metalcore with varied riffs that chug along, but don’t become white noise like many other acts during this period. In fact, I’d say that many of the riffs and melodies the guitars create sound as if they could be on a melodic death album, (perhaps a hint of Soilwork or Night In Gales) The drums are consistently present on this album.”

1. Undoing Ruin (2005)

Undoing Ruin - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

“The album succeeds in places other metalcore-adjacent bands tend to fall short: playing with dynamics, the infusion of thrash guitar playing and drumming, pretty legit shredding from Kris Norris, an overall atmospheric sound. “