Darkest Hour Songs Ranked

Darkest Hour is an American heavy metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in 1995. Though failing to break through early in their tenure, the band has received acclaim for their albums Undoing Ruin, Deliver Us, and The Eternal Return. Deliver Us debuted at number 110 on the Billboard album charts, with sales of 6,600, and their more recent effort The Eternal Return garnered them an even higher position in the Billboard album charts at number 104. Their latest album Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora charted at 42 on the Billboard 200, a peak for the band, and it marked a stylistic shift in the band’s discography. Here are all of Darkest Hour songs ranked.

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10. The Last Dance Massacre (So Sedated, So Secure, 2001)

“I love everything by Darkest Hour but this one just grabs me, pulls me in every time I hear that drum intro, once the guitar kicks in I lose it. Great lyrics too, awesome vocals. I can’t choose a favorite album for this band, but this is the song for me. If anyone hasn’t heard it, do it. Do it now.”

9. The Tides (The Eternal Return, 2009)

“This song dates from an era where the focus of the band was on the guitars, and not the vocals. No hate on my boy Mark Henry though, he’s one of the best lyricists ever.”

8. Tranquil (Undoing Ruin, 2005)

“This song-the entire album-is a total work of art. Basically, it’s like John Henry says, this album is about making life worth living, and deals with all these different emotions in the process. Tranquil is just bringing it to a close, the rebirth…it’s stated in the first line ‘this decaying flesh is coming back to life,’ who he was has died, and he is now a new person.”

Undoing Ruin - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

7. With a Thousand Words to Say but One (Undoing Ruin, 2005)

“I’m sorry but this band is so underrated and nobody appreciates there work. When I first listened to the Undoing ruin album I was amazed, that this band was not the biggest core band around. This song is amazing the guitar work makes me cry the riffs the tapping arpeggio over the chorus like its amazing.”

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6. Beyond the Life You Know (The Human Romance, 2011)

“I am a long time fan of Darkest Hour. Normally, I hate the style of music Darkest Hour plays, with the cheap metal riffs and constant screaming, but I have always said this band does it better than anyone else and I really love what they do. This is their best album in my opinion.”

5. Terra Solaris (The Human Romance, 2011)

“Terra Solaris,” which is further highlighted by a whammy-bar-drenched solo, a really deft and fast drum fill, and still more excellent melodic soloing, is a very expansive and again epic piece with a playing time of over nine minutes”

The Human Romance (Bonus Track Edition) - Album by Darkest Hour | Spotify

4. Savor the Kill (The Human Romance, 2011)

“Savor The Kill,” a more melodic and involved number with excellent, sweeping, deliciously harmonic soloing to go along with its melodic, sing-songy vocals.”

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3. Demon(s) (Deliver Us, 2007)

“I think this song could be about peoples bad habits coming dack to haunt them…hence the song title…. and how they keep pulling you back into them. it sounds like the guy is trying to tell someone how much better they are then what they are doing…maybe an addiction or something else…and how they have to let go and be themselves.”

2. Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End) (Deliver Us, 2007)

“Doomsayer is about many things and has many meanings, alot of you are correct in saying its about self-salvation, but it also implies a changing of times, a realization and re-invention, the discovery of ones inner potential.”

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1. Convalescence (Undoing Ruin, 2005)

“I feel that this song is a way of saying ‘i’m being opened up to my problems, now nothing scares me, and nothing can kill me.’ This song used to be my favorite, and it’s surely becoming my favorite again. The darkest hour touched my heart at first, and they will do it again. I love them…”