David Byrne Albums Ranked

David Byrne (/bɜːrn/; born 14 May 1952) is a British-American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, artist, actor, writer, music theorist, and filmmaker, who was a founding member and the principal songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist of the American new wave band Talking Heads. Byrne has released solo recordings and worked with various media including film, photography, opera, fiction, and non-fiction. He has received Academy, Grammy, and Golden Globe Awards, and he is an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Talking Heads. Here are all of David Byrne albums ranked.

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7. Look Into The Eyeball (2001)

“I love the blend of different styles on here. Many songs were very addictive after just one listen, especially Neighborhood. It seems that every time I listen to this I pick up a new favorite song, one that I just have to jump to before listening to the rest of the album. If you liked Talking Heads for the brilliant way David Byrne used his voice, you should get this.”

6. Uh-Oh (1992)

“The Talking Heads were a fantastic band, but with ‘Uh-oh’ it’s easy to hear why David Byrne needed different musicians to bring his ideas to life. Each cut is amazing, creative, complex, inspired, thoughtful and evocative. I don’t want to go on babbling about its greatness.”

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5. Feelings (1997)

“Feelings is a treasure trove of cathartic melodies and it never fails to entertain AND is on a par with Uh-Oh, treasured singles like A Long Time Ago AND prime Talking Heads. Standout tracks include Dance On Vaseline, Finite=Alright, Miss America, Burnt By The Sun, The Civil Wars, Wicked Little Doll, but the entire album is a joy!”

4. The Catherine Wheel (1981)

“Brian Eno and David Byrne, a match made in music heaven. This record is groundbreaking and unlike anything ever recorded before 1981. A musical mish-mash of sounds that somehow fit together perfectly. A warning this record is not for the casual listener. If you want to be challenged and expand your musical horizons, listen to this album.”

3. American Utopia (2018)

“Strange, but interesting music. Some of the lyrics are VERY unusual, but also laugh out loud funny. An entertaining little album by Mr. Byrne! Typically off-beat and intricate. Humour in the lyrics and the variation between verse and chorus in the opening track starts off as jarring but then draws you in.”

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2. David Byrne (1994)

“Although all of David Byrne’s (and the Talking Heads) work is fantastic, this album has a very rare (even for them) consistency of truly fantastic songs. If you’re just experimenting with David Byrne, or are unsure of which album to get, let me make the decision easy… this self-titled album is by far Byrne’s best work. Go ahead, spoil yourself.”

1. Rei Momo (1989)

“This album contains one of pop music’s most double-take inducing opening lines (find out for yourself). Soon, though, the lyrics blend amazingly with the rich latin-hued music that dominates the entire album. The fun never lets up until the meditative and insect-accompanied ‘I Know Sometimes A Man is Wrong’ closes the party.”