Dead or Alive Songs Ranked

Dead or Alive was an English pop band formed in 1980 in Liverpool. The band found success in the mid-1980s, releasing seven singles that made the UK Top 40 and three albums on the UK Top 30. They were the first band under the production team of Stock Aitken Waterman to have a number-one single. At the peak of their success, the lineup consisted of Pete Burns (vocals), Mike Percy (bass), Steve Coy (drums), and Tim Lever (keyboards). Two of the band’s singles reached the U.S. Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100: “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” (No. 11 in 1985) and “Brand New Lover” (No. 15 in 1986). Here are all of the Dead or Alive songs ranked.

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15. My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor) (Youthquake, 1985)

“I recently discovered this song. I am familiar with You Spin Me (Like a record), and Brand New Lover, but that’s all that I knew. This song as well as Something In My House, are really good songs. I’m pleasantly surprised.”

14. Baby Don’t Say Goodbye (Nude, 1989)

“I can forever listen to Dead or Alive, especially you Pete Burns:’) This album is awesome and I never get tired of it. The audio is also AWESOME so it’s a great buy!”

13. Turn Around and Count 2 Ten (Nude, 1989)

“Overall, this is my favorite Dead or Alive album. There isn’t a bad song on it and it has several catchy tunes that you find yourself singing and/or dancing to. I wore this tape out when it was first released, and over the years I have pulled it out and listened to it for weeks at a time. It’s time to wipe off the dust and pull “Nude” out once again.”

12. I’ll Save You All My Kisses (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, 1986)

“The songs are amazing, well crafted. I have full respect for this band and what they did. If you don’t own a Dead Or Alive record, I would highly recommend you start with this.”

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11. That’s The Way (That’s The Way I Like It, 2010)

” The music has monotonous grunting and groaning and some decent dance rhythms can be found on this record. Pete is a dear. He’s embarrassed by this one. Just a Cheez-Whiz moment. I love him though.”

10. Misty Circles (Sophisticated Boom Boom, 1984)

” An aggressive nature does make Pete a gladiator. My favorite song on the LP. Pete’s bassa and grinding vocal will take you to heights of pure erotica. You’ll cry, begging for more.”

9. Brand New Lover (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, 1986)

“Almost as big of a hit as “that other one” here in the states, and a better song to boot. This one has a catchier melody, better lyrics, and much better backing vocals to yelp along with.”

8. I’m a Star (Nukleopatra, 1995)

“If you like the group and you like fast dance music this is the album for you. It is a rocking set of tunes that will make you speed if played in your car. I really enjoyed the classic dead or alive sound modernized with that 140 bpm dance sound. Great stuff!”

7. Hit and Run Lover (Fragile, 2000)

“Hit and Run Lover feels like a ride on a merry-go-round, with a see-saw synth line threading through Pete Burns’ melodramatic done-me-wrong tale.”

6. Rebel Rebel (Nukleopatra, 1995)

“Rebel Rebel” is dripping with irony and the lyrics seem eerily perfect for Pete. Their remake of Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” was pretty cool… that was originally issued as a single by “International Crysis”.

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5. Nukleopatra (Nukleopatra, 1995)

“It’s so ridiculous that it is good. The whole cross-dressing theme of it is just awesome. I loooove the title track! The title anthem, “Nukleopatra,” is so perfectly Pete, with hilarious lyrics and a great 90s dancehall wall of sound. Be sure to crank up the volume on this, and the rest of the tracks.”

4. Lover Come Back to Me (Youthquake, 1984)

“Another huge single hit is the disco influenced ‘Lover Come Back to Me’, in which the singer is pining over a love interest. Dead or Alive found success in the mid-1980s and sold over 50 million records worldwide.”

3. Never Marry An Icon (Never Marry An Icon 2010)

“The most intense and addicting song I’ve heard in a long time. It’s very easy to just put it on repeat because with as wonderfully visual and amazing as this fabulous creation of Pete Burns is, it has one thing wrong with it: It’s too short. It tells the truth of life and love (particularly of life and love in the entertainment industry) and is a wonderful addition to any dance house, but has to be played on repeat to really get your fill of it.”

2. Cake and Eat It (Youthquake, 1985)

“Main man Pete Burns’ ‘love’ lyrics are both amusing and clever, particularly with the melodiously monotonous but still terrific “Cake and Eat It”, where the music is incredibly catchy.”

1. You Spin Me Right Round Like a Record (Youthquake, 1985)

“You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) is reminiscent of the mating dance of the peacock, a direct and ostentatious display that is indeed beautiful and alluring to like-minded potential mates, but comical to almost everyone else.”