Deafheaven Songs Ranked

Deafheaven is an American post-metal band formed in 2010. Originally based in San Francisco, the group began as a two-piece with singer George Clarke and guitarist Kerry McCoy, who recorded and self-released a demo album together. Following its release, Deafheaven recruited three new members and began to tour. Before the end of 2010, the band signed to Deathwish Inc. and later released their debut album Roads To Judah, in April 2011. A follow-up album, Sunbather, was released in 2013 to wide critical acclaim, becoming one of the best-reviewed albums of the year in the United States. In 2015 the band released its third album, New Bermuda, and in 2018 their fourth, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. Here are all of Deafheaven songs ranked.

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15. Baby Blue (New Bermuda, 2015)

“While the lyrics may not mean much, the musicianship expressed in this piece is thoroughly amazing. I can never get enough of the wicked solo near the end of the song, which really puts the icing on the cake.”

14. Exit Denied (DW Live Series 08: Live at The Blacktop 01.15.11, 2011)

“Everything sounds absolutely perfect! The bass blends with the rhythm guitar, and drums with the amazing sound of the smooth guitar that is so common with DeafHeaven.”

13. Daedalus (Roads to Judah, 2011)

“An absolute must, everyone who loves music with some guitar sound should have it. One of those songs that never become an oldie!”

12. From the Kettle Onto the Coil (10 Years Gone (Live), 2020)

“Greatest guitar riff of all time, hands down. Great flow to go along with a great song. The lyrics are nothing but meaning, an absolutely fantastic piece.”

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11. Language Games (Roads to Judah, 2011)

“So beautiful that I have not the words to describe it… It’s whole perfect, music, lyrics, voice, it’s a feeling in itself and it provide you of so many other feelings… Love it”

10.Violet (Roads to Judah, 2011)

“Without a shadow of doubt.. One of best lyrics ever.. A perfect rhythm too to sing over some of the most meaningful lines written”

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9. Gifts for the Earth (New Bermuda, 2015)

“Absolutely their best song, and one of the greatest ever, powerful lyrics, strong guitar, quality and emotional vocal, simply majestic.”

8. Come Back (New Bermuda, 2015)

“Upbeat – inspiring – catchy chorus lines and one of the most amazing keyboard riffs to die for! Undeniably Fun!”

7. Vertigo (Sunbather, 2013)

“Best song. Absolutely phenomenal masterpiece is an understatement. Truly magnificent. If you haven’t done so, give it a listen!”

6. Luna (New Bermuda, 2015)

“This is the definition of a masterpiece! There is a story being told which is so good that it takes 100% of my attention every time I listen to it.”

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5. Irresistible (Sunbather, 2013)

“Just everything right about this tune. The spellbinding and evocative story, the music including the epic guitar solo.”

4. Sunbather (Sunbather, 2013)

“Sunbather is more than a technical achievement. Unlike many other bands, the endless screams of the vocalist seek not to intimidate, convey a message of pain, or serve as a dramatic device. They are like a direct conduit into the musician’s emotions, with every moment a stream of happiness, sadness, anger, love, longing, and regret.”

3. Dream House (Sunbather, 2013)

“Dream House proves that beauty can hide and reveal itself in unexpected places. Clarke is just screaming his heart out, and as edgy as this sounds, I can feel his pain. It’s really raw. I don’t know how else to put it.”

2. Brought to the Water (New Bermuda, 2015)

“Palm-muted guitar over blast beats, to non-“Loner”-nicking (because it’s played over a major chord progression – sorry Adrien, love you man!), to mid-tempo post-black metal screams over nice chords w/ guitar fill and built-in picardy third, to piano outro par excellence.”

1. Honeycomb (Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, 2018)

“Great song; prime Deafheaven. Starts out hot and heavy with pure black metal before slowly transitioning into a pretty post-rock piece. The ending is a bit of a let down, it just kind of peters out but the song overall is pretty impressive.”