Demon Hunter Songs Ranked

Demon Hunter is an American Christian metal band from Seattle, Washington, started in 2000 by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. Although the brothers created the band together, only Ryan remains, since Don left the band to take care of his family. As of early 2010, the band has sold over half a million albums. The band’s style is known for combining nu metal sounds and qualities with ones heard in metalcore. Demon Hunter was initially conceived as a project band by the Clarks, who had played together previously in the initially Coalesce and Neurosis influenced but later more experimental band Training for Utopia. Ryan had previously played guitar in the hardcore band Focal Point, who released an album on Tooth & Nail/Solid State when Ryan was still in his teens. Here are all of Demon Hunter’s songs ranked.

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15. Dead Flowers (True Defiance, 2012)

“This is one of my favorites from the album. It reminds me of when I go to put flowers on the graves of friends and family who are passed on. The flowers are to help mend our broken hearts because they’re all in a better place where they feel no pain or sorrow.”

14. God Forsaken (True Defiance, 2012)

“This song starts right up with an awesome guitar melody and then plunges down into the heavy drumming “Yogi” Watts nails perfectly. The guitar and drumming, mixed with Ryan’s vocals, but soft and screaming, fully capture this masterpiece.”

13. One Thousand Apologies (The Triptych, 2005)

“Awesome song. Great intro, awesome vocals, amazing screaming and the transition from screaming to singing and vice-versa is slick and great. The song is so emotionally charged and you can feel the pain of Ryan Clark and his sadness. A kickass way to say you’re sorry.”

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12. The Tide Began to Rise (The Triptych, 2005)

“This song was how I felt before I was reborn in the blood of Christ. I still feel that I don’t belong here, but I do know I have not finish what I have started until I am called home.”

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11. Thorns (Storm the Gates of Hell, 2007)

“Not only is this song amazing, it is one of their few songs that don’t involve screaming (or shouting); fantastic lyrics, coupled with spectacular instrumental skill makes for a superb selection in the world of rock music.”

10. I Am a Stone (True Defiance , 2012)

“I have to admit, when I found out from a friend that Demon Hunter made an acoustic song, I was somewhat apprehensive about listening to it. After hearing it, I had to download the song! Not only is it incredible in a musical sense, but it has an incredible amount of meaning behind it. All in all, it is a decent cut away from the usual “Metal” image that the band has, while still keeping some of the hard sound and aesthetic that Demon Hunter is known for.”

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9. My Heartstrings Come Undone (Summer of Darkness, 2004)

“Truly incredible and darkly melodic melody that sticks with you long after it enters your ears and finds a final resting place in the pit of your heart. Demon hunter is just plain awesome!”

8. Not I (The Triptych, 2005)

“Simply put, this song is a declaration by hardcore Christians who are solely devoted and willing to serve God and His purpose by saying that whatever the secular world has to say about Him and our ways of life, we don’t and won’t listen and conform to your blind and dark ways.”

7. Collapsing (The World Is a Thorn, 2010)

“All of Demon Hunter’s songs are amazing from Screams of the Undead to Undying to Carry Me Down to Crucifix, but Collapsing just has the indefinable quality that makes it, in my opinion one of the best Christian rock songs in the past ten years.”

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6. Carry Me Down (Storm the Gates of Hell, 2007)

“It is truly a beautiful song. Great lyrics great singing just everything’s perfect. A good song to listen to on a rainy day!  I really agree this band is extremely underrated. I mean this song is so great, its lyrics its vocals just perfect.”

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5. I Will Fail You (Extremist, 2014)

“According to Ryan Clark. “It can be easy to put people on a pedestal of unrealistic expectation. We often forget that every single one of us, no matter how seemingly perfect on the outside, is a broken individual. I’ve made it a point to be transparent about this in my own life through my lyrics. I never want to give the impression that I have it all figured out, or that every struggle lies behind me. It can be very freeing to understand that everyone, at some point, will fail. They will fail God, they will fail themselves, and they will fail you. Understanding grace and forgiveness is the only way to spare yourself the disappointment of the human condition.”

4. What I’m Not (Extremist, 2014)

“”Lyrically, this song takes a similar approach as the song “Not I,” from The Triptych, in that it focuses on the things that we choose not to buy into — or distance ourselves from — as defining characteristics…that sometimes feel just as important as the things that we choose to adhere to.” -Ryan Clark”

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3. The Last One Alive (Extremist, 2014)

“This guitar solo absolutely blows my mind. Literally one of my favorite solos ever! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to play it myself! His voice is original and amazing and goes too perfectly with the mood of the song.”

2. Deteriorate (The Triptych, 2005)

“My favorite Demon Hunter song as it resonates strongly with my beliefs and experiences. Displays Demon Hunter’s talent for melody and the metal ballad, and the lyrics poetically express a recognition of failure as well as a prayer for renewal and redemption. The song perfectly describes a light in the dark hope’s presence even in sorrow.”

1. Fading Away (Storm the Gates of Hell, 2007)

“This song is awesome. I personally believe Demon Hunter is talking about how you can be a very devoted Christian and still have issues not wandering off of the Christian path. I also believe the turning point in the song is expressing the Christian getting back on track. The song to me is showing that is can almost be normal and expect to sometimes mess up in your Christian walk, but it is much more important to make sure you get back right with God and learn from it.”