Destroyer Songs Ranked

Destroyer is the fourth studio album by American hard rock band Kiss, released on March 15, 1976, by Casablanca Records in the US. It was the third successive Kiss album to reach the top 40 in the US, as well as the first to chart in Germany and New Zealand. The album was certified gold by the RIAA on April 22, 1976, and platinum on November 11 of the same year, the first Kiss album to achieve platinum. The album marked a departure from the raw sound of the band’s first three albums. Destroyer is the first Kiss album to prominently feature outside musicians, such as members of the New York Philharmonic. One musician not credited was Dick Wagner, from Alice Cooper’s band, replacing Ace Frehley on the track “Sweet Pain”. Wagner also played the acoustic guitar found on the song “Beth”. The success of Alive! and Destroyer enabled the band to embark on their first tour of Europe. Here are all of the Destroyer songs ranked.

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10. Rock and Roll Party

“A snippet of Pauls’s stage banter mixed with the choir from ‘Great Expectations’; looping continously until fade out. This is a Feel Good UPLIFTING song that is so much fun to listen to.”

9. Great Expectations

“A completely different side to Simmons. Gene croons to a fan who wishes to know Gene personally. The choir and orchestra add a new dimension to the Kiss sound, and I’m not surprised that some fans didn’t ‘get it’ at first.”

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8. Sweet Pain

“Gene Simmons rocker, slightly tainted by the fact that Ace Frehley does not appear on this track. When he didn’t turn up for this song’s session, Bob Ezrin had studio and Alice Cooper guitar slinger Dick Wagner lay done some leadwork. This lead to some conflict between Ace and Bob, that still exists today. Nevertheless, this is a good rocker with a girl backup group giving the song a slight ‘Motown’ feel.”

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7. Do You Love Me

“Even a rock star sex god must feel a little insecure sometimes! Paul askes his girl to tell the truth. Great rocker mixed with high vocals, tubular bells (and probably orchestra, too). Now just when you think that’s the album over and done with . . “

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6. King of the Night Time World

“King Of the Night Time World”…is quite an enjoyable song for me to listen to & I love this song very much. On October 29, 1976, I was watching some kind of talk show, that evening & I saw that Kiss was the featured guest. They performed “Detroit Rock City” first, then they performed “King Of the Night Time World” later, on that show. Unfortunately, I CAN’T remember what the NAME of that show was, when I saw Kiss perform.”

5. Flaming Youth

“Paul Stanley steps things up a notch with the song Flaming Youth, which is not one of KISS’s best songs ever, but after the last track, at least it picks up the pace a little more.”

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4. Beth

“Beth,” a depressing, and fairly calm and ambient (and very subdued) ballad that compliments its piano, backing orchestra, and limpid singing with moody violin flourishes. It all makes for one emotional, if not a bit maudlin, and very moving number.”

3. God of Thunder

“Hard to believe Paul Stanley wrote this. Gene roars out his theme song; a true heavy metal classic. Used to bookend the demon’s bloodspitting/bass solo routine during the MAKEUP concerts. In case you didn’t know, Ezrin taped his sons running around with rayguns and put them on the track to provide suitable eerieness. I love the double tracking of Gene’s voice in the second verse. Ace’s chops on this track are truly fear inducing.”

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2. Shout It Out Loud

“Classic party song, with stellar work by all concerned. The piano gives the track a mid-to-late sixties flavour to it. In concert, all four members contributed vocals to this song. I really love Gene’s “Oh yeah!”. Contains a lyric that is basic in rock’n’roll law: “Don’t let them tell you that there’s too much noise, they’re too old to really understand” !”

1. Detroit Rock City

“After a Gene Simmons news bulletin and snippet of live Kiss, the band kick into this hymn for a true rock city. The Catman drums harder and faster than ever before. the dual axework between Paul and Ace is breathtaking and the call and response vocal on the chorus makes you want to sing along with it. It all ends with a crash and a lingering guitar note.”