Devin Townsend Songs Ranked

Devin Garrett Townsend (born May 5, 1972) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. He founded the extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad and was its primary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist from 1994 to 2007. He has also had an extensive solo career and has released a total of 25 albums across all of his projects as of 2020. Across all his bands and solo projects, Townsend has released 23 studio albums and four live albums. His trademark production style, featuring a heavily multi-tracked wall of sound, has been compared to the styles of Robert Fripp and Frank Zappa. His vocal delivery ranges from screaming to an opera-Esque singing, while his musical style is rooted in metal and his albums are written to express different aspects of his personality. Here are all of Devin Townsend’s songs ranked.

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20. Deep Peace (Terria, 2001)

“Deep Peace takes it down a few notches in energy and supplies us with a nice ballad telling us that it is okay to depend on others, that it’s okay to cry and that it’s okay to lean on everyone, as the song directly states. It also features a truly beautiful solo in the middle that gives me great joy every single time I hear it. It may have taken it down in energy, but it didn’t take the quality down with it.”

19. Life (Biomech, 1997)

“The rousing chorus of ‘Life’ would sound unbearable at any other time, but is mixed well enough for it to both resonate and to an extent feel life-affirming (pun only slightly intended there).”

18. Addicted! (Addicted!, 2009)

“Addicted! is the first song, and oh lordy does it get the point across. There’s always something electronic going on throughout this album. Addicted! is just this amazing song full of samples to repeat that awesome riff. One of my favorite Dev riffs.”

Cover art for Ki by Devin Townsend Project

17. Juular (Deconstruction, 2011)

“Juular is consistently good, but it’s not a great song. It’s fun enough and the chorus is a nice moment, to be sure, but nothing comparable of what this album has to offer.”

16. War (Infinity, 1998)

“War is a longer song, and a bit more mid-paced. It’s got colorful lyrics, fun sections, and tons of exciting things. It’s quickly become a fan favorite, and seeing him play this song live almost made me cream my pants.”

15. Vampira (Synchestra, 2006)

“The song is absolutely fantastic. It is a great example of a song that just flat out rock! If you are a fan of strapping young lad, you should check out Townsends side project.”

Devin Townsend – Terria (2001, CD) - Discogs

14. Kawaii (Ghost, 2011)

“This is such a beautiful song from a beautiful album. I’m not entirely sure what the song means, but I can attempt to interpret it. Kawaii in Japanese means multiple things. While usually used to describe something “cute,” it’s also used to say “Lovely, dear, darling,” and in some cases “to love”
The song talks about freedom and a “new arrival.” I can only imagine this might be a reference to Townsend’s past addictions and his freedom from them being “lovely” hence the title.”

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13. Higher (Transcendence, 2016)

“This song, like much of Devin’s body of work, has kept me going at my lowest. It takes you to the deepest depths of hell but then it lifts you up into the highest aethyrs of heaven. Truly inspirational art which reaches towards the ineffable. Beautiful and inspiring work by an equally beautiful and inspiring man.”

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12. Coast (Ki, 2009)

“This ominous noise comes towards you slowly but surely. You’re not sure what it has in store. It builds, and you expect a classic Devin wall of sound, and you get… Well. You get Coast. It’s a totally awesome song, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just so chill, laid back, and fun that it seems so out of place amongst Dev’s discography.”

11. Lucky Animals (Epicloud, 2012)

“The third track is one that I’m sure most people heard and enjoyed early, as it was the first officially released track. Sort of a teaser, if you will. But even knowing what this song already plays out as doesn’t hinder the feel at all. Townsend throws this track out there as a little early comic relief. While there aren’t any fart jokes, adoption references or cheeseburgers this is the type of song I think of when I think Devin. It starts off almost immediately with a heavy drum and Townsend commandingly chanting “Animals, animals and we’re lucky!”, which then fades again into what I assume are a chorus of about 30 Devins and Annekes, and establishes this song almost right away as being the most metal influenced tracks off the record. He even screams a little. Oh, and there’s a motorcycle, too.”

10. Kingdom (Epicloud, 2012)

“Kingdom starts off almost immediately with a powerful riff, and a crushing blast beat from drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen. Once again, Townsend is at the vocal helm of this track displaying his impressive prowess with Anneke’s voice softly supporting him from the background. Coming up on the chorus, Townsend breaks away from his spotless cleans and adds a little more aggression to them, making them sound rough and aggressive, yet still appropriate for the upbeat nature of the record.”

Z² - Wikipedia

9. March of the Poozers (Z², 2014)

“March of the Poozers is exactly what it sounds like. The Poozers begin phase 2 of their plan, donning giant walking machines and ripping the roofs off houses and destroying the humans’ creations. It’s got an awesome but simple beat, sounds exactly like someone marching. I love the use of the choirs on this song. Everyone blames Ziltoid for this because he first brought a Poozer to Earth, meaning he gets locked up in a prison.”

8. Death (Physicist, 2000)

“Death is the heaviest song here (musically speaking), and it’s a fun song to listen to, but it doesn’t have all the substance of his other works. The song, however, always draws me in whenever I listen to it. Not much to say about it, honestly.”

7. Hyperdrive (Addicted, 2009)

“Hyperdrive! is a redone version of the song of the same title from Ziltoid the Omniscient. Whereas on ZTO, Devin’s calm strumming and wispy vocal style sends you into an atmospheric journey through space, here we have Anneke singing the entire song, adding her own upbeat and poppy flair to it. Both songs are astounding on their own accord, and it’s impossible for me to pick which is better than the other.”

Addicted - Album by Devin Townsend Project | Spotify

6. Color Your World (Ziltoid the Omniscient, 2007)

“This rounds off the trio of big tracks (the other two being By Your Command and Solar Winds) and does so in a way that is respectable to its brethren. Many roads are traveled during the course of the song, the first being outright thrash metal.”

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5. Earth Day (Terria, 2001)

“Earth Day is a fan-favorite for its amusing lyrics and the awesome music it brings. At first glance, you’d think this is the best song of the album, and for most people it is, but there is something else lurking in Terria that takes some time to really appreciate. Regardless, Earth Day is a truly outstanding gem in a truly outstanding album that never fails to make me smile.”

4. Bastard (Biomech, 1997)

“Bastard”, one of the longest of compositions that Devin has to offer, takes a very regular and slow song and lets it ferment slowly over the course of its play. By the time it has finished, there’s nothing to do but drop your jaw in complete awe at the outcome.”

DEVIN TOWNSEND Ocean Machine - Biomech reviews

3. Deadhead (Accelerated Evolution, 2001)

“Deadhead is possibly Devin’s most famous song, and it is one giant grand moment. The vocals are truly awe-inspiring and the lyrics are devastating to anyone who has ever felt love in their life (and given that I’m in high school as of now, I relate heavily to this song). It’s a massive, gargantuan, and gigantic song that gives me chills every single time I listen to it.”

2. Supercrush! (Addicted, 2009)

“Supercrush! is a fan favorite, and for good reason. You’d think it’d be heavy judging by the first crushing riff, but it builds into a wall of beautiful synths and choirs made up of everyone’s favorite gal, Anneke van Giersbergen. Her voice is absolutely spectacular in this song, and though I could say the same for the rest, she really has her shining moments here.”

1. Solar Winds (Ziltoid the Omniscient, 2007)

“Solar Winds is the second epic. It starts out slow and clean. It introduces our hero, and protector of the humans, Captain Spectacular. He travels into space, only to escape Ziltoid and fly into hyperdrive. Speaking of which…”