Dire Straits Debut Album Songs Ranked

Dire Straits is the debut studio album by the British rock band Dire Straits released on 7 October 1978 by Vertigo Records internationally, Warner Bros. Records in the United States and Mercury Records in Canada.[3][4] The album has the hit single “Sultans of Swing”, which reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 8 on the UK Singles Chart. The album reached the top of the album charts in Germany, Australia and France, number 2 in the United States, and number 5 in the United Kingdom. Dire Straits was later certified double platinum in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Here are all of Dire Straits Debut Album’s songs ranked.

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9. Setting Me Up

“With “Setting Me Up” he returns to the electric guitar and it’s still the guitar that does most of the work here with a little solo in the middle.

8. Wild West End

“That is beautiful girl music. I remember the days gone by when a sanitary napkin manufacturer advertised a virgin sitting on the floor in her maiden room, lying next to her making movies from Dire Straits. Then I knew which band I had to find out in order to !!! Didn’t help, let yourself be taught by an aging virgin hunter without success. But we’re talking about the debut here. Exactly, so “wild west end” is valuable, very valuable”

always never the same

7. Six Blade Knife

“Six Blade Knife” has deep bass and there is a vocal-guitar dialogue with deliberately muffled sounds, and of course a little solo.”

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6. Lions

“Then there is “lions”, nice that these two songs come after each other at the end. You don’t have to listen to the rest of it unless you want to grumble. But then I wish my fellow human beings: Have fun! lying by Dire Straits.”

Top 10 Dire Straits Songs

5. In the Gallery

“In the Gallery” is one of the weaker tracks on the album; without being unpleasant, it stretches over 6 ‘The same is also true for the last track “Lions”.

4. Water of love

“In “Water of Love” Knopfler makes us taste the beautiful sounds of the dobro guitar often used in the blues with a bottleneck. This is probably the Dire Straits album that I like the best.

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3. Down to the Waterline

“Down the Waterline” is also a very interesting track with its suspenseful intro with the guitar playing of Mark Knopfler, although it is said to really hit the mark. There is of course JJ Cale in his game, but we must admit that it is very well done even if there is not really anything new on the rock planet.”

2. Southbound Again

“Southbound Again” goes well especially thanks to the solo guitar. Nice piece though. It might not be the greatest songwriting in the world, but these songs are just made to be loved.”

Dire Straits - digging deeper...

1. Sultans of Swing

“For a debut album, this is quite impressive. The group plays very well and blasts out one of their most famous tracks, “Sultans of Swing” – not too shabby for a young inexperienced group. Dire Straits carries a sound, both in playing and in the vocals, that is very unique and identifying”