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Making Movies is the third studio album by British rock band Dire Straits released on 17 October 1980 by Vertigo Records internationally, Warner Bros. Records in the United States and Mercury Records in Canada. The album includes the single “Romeo and Juliet”, which reached #8 on the UK Singles Chart, as well as one of Dire Straits’ best-known cuts, “Tunnel of Love”, which was also featured in the 1982 Richard Gere film An Officer and a Gentleman. Making Movies reached number one on the album charts in Italy and Norway, number 19 in the United States, and number 4 in the United Kingdom. Making Movies was later certified platinum in the United States and double-platinum in the United Kingdom. It is regarded as one of Dire Straits’ best albums. Here are all of Making Movies songs ranked.

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7. Les Boys

“Les Boys” is a tribute song to American soldiers who left for France and confronted the Nazis. It has a little old-fashioned flavor, Country-Folk-colored song, and whose melody is inspired by songs from the 1940s, on which Knopfler grafts his laidback guitar choruses. Despite an effective melodic line, it remains the least inspired song on the record, rich in sumptuous electric wonders.”

6. Solid Rock

“Solid Rock” is a return to the hardest, most bitter rock. Three minutes and a half on the meter of pure adrenaline, just return of the little English children to the American pioneers: Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran… There is always this characteristic Americana hue, but the riff is particularly inspired by secular American rock, not without a little detour through the Creedence Clearwater Revival for electricity and musical harshness. “Solid Rock” will serve as the final to Dire Straits concerts for the next five years,”

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5. Skateaway

“Skateaway” is a dynamic, fast, lively song. Carried on a hellish train, devilishly funky, Knopfler tells the story of this girl, a roller-girl. She survives doing odd jobs that are not very exciting, and only lets off steam by skating at full speed while listening to Rock’N’Roll to escape her daily mediocrity.”

4. Hand In Hand

“A little breath after this cascade of electricity, “Hand In Hand” is a beautiful Dylanian ballad like hell, supported by piano and acoustic guitar. The melody is typical of Dylan, authentically imbued with this typically American Folk of the 60s. It is a proud song, with an exciting chorus.”

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3. Expresso Love

“Brutal change of mood, “Expresso Love” is a violent electric swerve, carried by a nasty riff, supported by Bittan’s piano. The climate is darker, evoking a prostitute, the exhausting rhythm of her work, the murky atmosphere in which she lives, the torrent of contradictory emotions that assails her day after day. The guitar roars, hoarse, raspy. The solo is a breath in this acrid dust, with intense melancholy.”

2. Romeo and Juliet

“Romeo and Juliet” begins as a Country-Blues theme played on dobro. It’s a delicate, bitter sweet song. It begins as a beautiful romance, luminous, with the sepia reflections of a photo of happy days. Then she gradually pours into bitterness and disillusion, a complex and thwarted love story that can only end in pain. The airy and haunting, haunting theme that closes the piece is only the echo of disappointment being lost in the distance in the moor, punctuated by a few acrid guitar notes.”

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1. Tunnel of Love

“Proof of Mark Knopfler’s unwavering artistic ambition, the album begins with “Tunnel Of Love”, an odyssey lasting over eight minutes. An old-fashioned organ melody gives way to a tense riff. The group is also for the first time using a keyboard, outside musician by the name of Roy Bittan, nothing less than the pianist of the E Street Band behind Bruce Springsteen.”