Dokken Songs Ranked

Dokken is an American metal band formed in 1979. It split up in 1989 and reformed four years later. The band had many charting singles like (“Alone Again”, “In My Dreams” and “Burning Like a Flame”) and have sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. The live album Beast from the East was nominated for the inaugural Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1989. The classic Dokken lineup consisted of founder Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on lead guitar, Mick Brown on drums, and Jeff Pilson, who replaced the Ratt-bound Juan Croucier in 1983, on bass; this line-up remained stable from 1983 to 1989, and again from 1993 to 1998, and briefly reunited in 2016; After several personnel changes on guitar, Dokken’s attorney Jon Levin stepped in to fill the role in 2004. In 2001, Barry Sparks replaced Pilson on bass. In 2009, Sean McNabb (formerly with Great White and Quiet Riot) replaced him and was then replaced by Chris McCarvill in 2015. After Mick Brown’s retirement from the band in July 2019, Don Dokken is the only remaining original band member. Brown’s vacancy was filled by BJ Zampa of House of Lord’s fame. Here are all of Dokken songs ranked.

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20. Turn on the Action (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“Truly melodic song, includes acoustic and electric guitar tone, light speeding solo amazing vocal harmony, this track off of under lock and key is definitely one for the books”

19. Til the Livin’ End (Under Lock and Key, 1985)

“I’ve always liked Til’ the Livin’ End. It reminds me of Tooth and Nail a lot, but I honestly find this song slightly better. Another catchy song with a great hook. Tight musicianship and it rocks!”

18. Paris is Burning (Breaking the Chains, 1983)

“Probably the best mix of everything that dokken was good at. Back for the attack was their peak. Such an overlooked classic, by such an underrated band.”

17. Don’t Close Your Eyes (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“Adding this because it is a very good song, this is probably the Dokken song I most often listen to. Best dokken song ever. The riff kicks ass!”

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16. Heaven Sent (Back for the Attack, 1987)

“I honestly think this song holds George Lynch’s best solo and I also feel it’s one of the best solos in metal! Classic guitar intro, strong vocals, just a killer tune!”

15. Burning Like a Flame (Back for the Attack, 1987)

“A smokin rocker. Excellent vocals, great guitar by Lynch as always! Hard rocking song that really shows off George Lynch’s talent on guitar.”

14. Just Got Lucky (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“Excellent hook to this song, one of their best! The chorus will get stuck in your head quite easily. Super song, I love it, super guitar solos, and the voice is excellent.”

13. When Heaven Comes Down (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“This is one of those songs that is good on record, but 10 times better live! George lynch does great on this one. One of George Lynch’s guitar riffs EVER!”

12. It’s Not Love (Under Lock and Key, 1985)

“Great song, great vocals, very catchy, and memorable hook. Great rhythm guitar in this one. One of my favorite 80’s rock bands! This song just really gets you going. Still sounds great even today.”

11. The Hunter (Under Lock and Key, 1985)

“This song is so underrated! Great riff, great solo; this song shows exactly what Dokken is all about! It brings back memories. It such a great song, and George Lynch’s guitar playing stands out.”

10. Lightnin’ Strikes Again (Under Lock and Key, 1985)

“Most of this song is good. The only issue I have with it is that the ending gets a little boring. Dokken’s most KICKIN’ song. Love the high vocal notes and Don Dokken’s signature sound! My personal favorite Guitar solos”

9. Into the Fire (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“Into the Fire” was packed with all of the standard ’80s hard rock visuals that dominated Headbangers Ball. George Lynch’s killer guitar work set the song apart from the majority of the competition back in ’84.”

8. Alone Again (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“This song is just really good. It sounds really beautiful, the lyrics are filled with pain and emotion and I like the guitar riffs. The best power ballad of all time. It open my eyes and my love. I request you all to vote this sonf of legend dokken.”

7. Mr. Scary (Back for the Attack, 1987)

“Solo is unending shows outstanding quality of George lynch, you may also try Before I close my eyes, dream until tomorrow and for a million years. One of my favorite instrumentals.”

6. Dream Warriors (Back for the Attack, 1987)

“Very sadly, this is how I found out about Dokken, and this song remains one of my favorites from them. And where is Lightnin Strikes Again? Was a big hit for the Nightmare on Elm Street movie soundtrack. One of the most recognizable intros to a rock song in history!”

5. Unchain the Night (Under Lock and Key, 1985)

“I absolutely love this song. One of my very favorite songs from one of my very favorite bands. That extended intro is fantastic. If there is one thing Dokken does well, it’s opening an album.”

4. Tooth and Nail (Tooth and Nail, 1984)

“That guitar solo is killer. Actually, the whole song is awesome, but the guitar solo is the best part. It’s just so heavy and aggressive! Awakens the destroyer in yourself. Awesome song!”

3. Breaking the Chains (Breaking the Chains, 1983)

“Probably their best song and definitely their most popular. Best Dokken Song EVER! Breaking the chains one love forever.”

2. In My Dreams (Under Lock and Key, 1985)

“This is Dokken’s #1 song. The melodic singing and harmonies, killer guitar riffs, hooks, it has it all. The song got a lot of airplay on MTV back in ’86-’87. The video is quite memorable even if you weren’t a metal fan.”

1. Kiss of Death (Back for the Attack, 1987)

“Kiss of Death is a very good song, probably their most metal song as well. I wish this band wasn’t so unknown though; they really are pretty good and worth listening to. I think you’ll find that at least some of their songs are worth listening to again.”