Don Diablo Songs Ranked

Don Pepijn Schipper (born 27 February 1980), better known by his stage name Don Diablo, is a Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, and songwriter of electronic dance music from Coevorden. He is known for his electronic style of production and vocalizing in most of his songs. He is one of the pioneers of the future house genre and was ranked sixth in the Top 100 DJs – 2020 list by DJ Mag. He was also ranked number one Producer of the Year for 2018 by 1001Tracklists. In 2016, he was ranked the number one Future House Artist of the Year on Beatport. Here are all of Don Diablo’s songs ranked.

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10. Origins (Origins, 2013)

“This music is extremely fitting to the dark world of Batman. I liked it a lot, it made me go crazy more than I already am when I listen to electronic music.”

9. On My Mind (On My Mind, 2015)

“That feeling when you find that one perfect song you’re going to jam to for years! This is the most addictive, well organized song I’ve ever heard”

8. Silence (Silence, 2016)

“This is such a beautiful and original track from Don Diablo, it changes a lot from his usual style and it’s still very catchy & fascinating. The vocals in this remind me a lot of Conrad Sewell too, that’s very interesting”

Diplo and Don Diablo - Make You Pop (Charlie Darker Remix) by Charlie Darker

7. Drifter (Drifter, 2016)

“Really beautiful track from Don Diablo, I’m loving the beat and the snares of the drop.. And that vocals are also very catchy. I’d love to hear something in his old style again but this new style is great anyway”

6. Back In Time (Back In Time (Extended Mix), 2014)

“It’s his style and its incredible, I get that it sounds the same but every single song that has been released by him are just absolute bangers! “

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5. M1 Stinger (M1 Stinger, 2012)

“Still love the old songs of Diablo. And I love the upcoming and recent songs as well. All his songs have the energy, and every song of his has a meaning in the lyrics, not just “Put your fucking hands up”

Animale (feat. Dragonette) - Single by Don Diablo | Spotify

4. Chemicals (Together (DJ Mix), 2015)

“Lovin this track! The drop is wonderful and the vocals are awesome! I remember when I was watching Tomorrowland 2015 on the late evening when Tiësto and Don Diablo announced this track live. And from the beginning of the end I loved it. Now this song is released and I can feel the epicness.”

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3. Knight Time (Knight Time, 2014)

“The video is great, the music is greater, don diablo is the greatest! He truly can make everything from disco to deep house.”

2. Anytime (Anytime, 2014)

“The best music video I’ve EVER seen!!!!! I love that music, is not enough to say what I really think about that! Don Diablo is the best House Dj ever”

EDMmuzik - Don Diablo - FUTURE [CD EXCLUSIVE] Release:... | Facebook

1. Starlight (Could You Be Mine) (One Last Tour: A Live Soundtrack, 2014)

“AMAZING!! Really emotional vocals, really uplifting music, really touching video clip!! This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard as far as EDM goes.”