Eagles Songs Ranked

Eagles are the debut studio album by the rock band the Eagles. The album was recorded at London’s Olympic Studios with producer Glyn Johns and released in 1972. The album was an immediate success for the young band, reaching No. 22 on the charts and going platinum. Three singles were released from the album, each reaching the Top 40: “Take It Easy” (number 12), “Witchy Woman” (number 9), and “Peaceful Easy Feeling” (number 22). The band, starting with this album, played a major role in popularizing the country rock sound. The album was ranked number 368 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time published in 2012. The single “Take It Easy” is part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll”. Here are all of Eagles’ songs ranked.

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10. Train Leaves Here This Morning

“Train Leaves Here This Morning” is one of those lazy day, front porch “just a man and his basset hound” bluesy-type songs, and it has a LOT of spiritual energy in the way the vocals are sung. I seriously mean it. I can’t BELIEVE it wasn’t a big hit.”

9. Take It Easy

“Extremely catchy and accessible guitar melody, with country guitar chords and solo to boot. No wonder this song is so popular, and no wonder the band kept writing new singles that came from this one’s structure like a cookie cutter. “

First - Eagles, the

8. Take the Devil

“Take the Devil” is a foot-stomper of a good time. Perhaps the same man on his front porch is now standing up and stomping his foot to this particular rhythm? As he walks off and leaves the property, he recalls a past memory that once was. This is what happens during the guitar solo at the end as the dust picks up and the instrument intensifies. Envision it!”

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7. Witchy Woman

“Bernie Leadon first started writing Witchy Woman when he was with the Flying Burrito Brothers and completed it with Don Henley for the Eagles debut album. The main riff was conceived as a minor-key imitation of Native American music (imagine how the self-appointed cultural appropriation police would get upset these days).”

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6. Earlybird

“My favorite is the banjo-upbeat “Earlybird”. I absolutely love this song. The vocal melody is spectacular, and the background vocals work extremely well. The guitar appears in all the appropriate spots. It really DOES feel like you’re up early in the morning, making coffee, yawning and hearing birds outside in your little bird fountain splashing water around and just entertaining themselves.”

5. Chug All Night

“Glenn Frey’s “Chug All Night” does just what the title indicates, and chugs along much like the opening track, with the country guitar taking prominence. While its easy to dismiss this as a bland generic rock piece, The Eagles seem to conquer the genre convincingly.

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4. Peaceful Easy Feeling

“Kind of a guy/girl next door of a song – not as flashy as all, but extremely good-natured and friendly. The sort that’s always easy to revisit. Frey’s vocal is very warm on this one – it’s this kind of vocal that at one point would’ve made me name him my slight favourite over Henley although it’s pretty much a tie these days. “

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3. Most of Us Are Sad

“Most of Us are Sad” aren’t we? Secretly we are. Whether it’s because we’re lonely or because (in my case) we’re in physical pain from an infected wisdom tooth extraction (the pain isn’t going away after 10 days, ugh. Think it’s time to call the doctor) we are all in fact, feeling some sort of pain. Sometimes it sticks around for a while, other times it comes and goes. However there’s good news. No I’m not a doctor and can’t extend your lifespan, but I *can* assure you that this is definitely a quality tune. I can assure you of that.”

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2. Tryin’

“Tryin'” was the second song Randy wrote and sang, and is the closing song on the album. This is the rockiest song that Randy sings on this album. In fact, his three songs seem to span the entire range of the Eagles album.”

1. Nightingale

“Nightingale” contains such a lovely vocal melody. Nice and sweet! A perfect 70’s song. It makes me wanna jump with joy upon hearing a song like this. Most people are probably secretly jealous they can’t write a vocal melody that good, I bet.”