Eddie Money Songs Ranked

Edward Joseph Mahoney was born into a large family of Irish Catholics in Brooklyn. His parents were Dorothy Elizabeth (née Keller), a homemaker, and Daniel Patrick Mahoney, a police officer.He grew up in Levittown, New York, on Long Island, but also spent some teenage years in Woodhaven, Queens. Money was a street singer since the age of 11. As a teenager, he played in rock bands, in part to get dates from cheerleaders.  He was thrown out of one high school for forging a report card. In 1967, he graduated from Island Trees High School. Money became a regular performer at clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. After gaining the attention of Bill Graham, he secured a recording contract with Columbia Records, releasing his debut album in 1977. He charted with singles such as “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise”, about visiting his girlfriend despite not having money. In 1978, Money opened for Santana at Boston’s Music Hall. The following year, he sang the bridge section on “I’m Alright”, a song written and performed by Kenny Loggins. In 2014, Money claimed that Loggins had never given him credit for his contribution. Money’s career began to decline following an unsuccessful 1983 album (Where’s the Party?) and struggles with drug addiction.  However, he made a comeback in 1986 with the album Can’t Hold Back, which received a music recording certification of platinum. “Take Me Home Tonight”, a single from the album, peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. Money only agreed to perform the song—which included a line from “Be My Baby”, a song Ronnie Spector performed as part of The Ronettes—after Spector agreed to sing the line herself.  In 1987, Money was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for “Take Me Home Tonight”.  “I Wanna Go Back” and “Endless Nights”—two other singles from the Can’t Hold Back album—peaked at No. 14 and No. 21, respectively. In 1988, Money released Nothing to Lose, which featured the Top 10 hit “Walk on Water” and the Top 40 hit “The Love in Your Eyes”. Here are all of Eddie Money’s songs ranked.

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15. No Control (No Control, 1982)

“Every song is good. A lot of his songs have meaning. Saw Eddie Money this past summer 2011. Got to go backstage and talk a little with him. Good dude.”

14. We Should Be Sleeping (Can’t Hold Back, 1986)

“Great guitar driven rock, more so than on his following albums. It was another one of those great 80s debut albums.”

13. Can’t Keep a Good Man Down (Life for the Takin, 1979)

“The guitar riffs and vocals need to be recognized more. This song is absolutely amazing.”

12. Maybe I’m a Fool (Life for the Taking, 1979)

“For this song you must have the good feeling for swing. Only the best musicians can make a sound like this. Beautiful chorus, awesome lyrics.”

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11. Shakin (No Control, 1982)

“The music’s good enough that I can almost look past Eddie’s less-than stellar singing and lyrics. Almost.”

10. Get a Move On (Americathon, 1979)

“I can’t really speak too much about the guitar technicalities but what I know is that the song takes me to a place I like being”

9. Endless Nights (Can’t Hold Back, 1986)

“I absolutely love this song. It’s not that popular, but it’s my favorite. I don’t know what it is, but I get really emotional when I listen to it.”

8. I’ll Get By (Right Here, 1991)

“Just learn the lyrics. They are so meaningful, and the melody so great. Listen to it over and over, and you will understand why it’s the best”

7. Peace in Our Time (Greatest Hits: The Sound of Money, 1989)

“One of their greatest songs ever. This song really captures any emotion I’m feeling. Whether I’m having a bad day or just wanna jam.”

6. I Wanna Go Back (Can’t Hold Back, 1986)

“I for one must admit this makes me want to go back to Pottersville instead of pottersville. This is Eddie Money people he was like 38 years old when he did this and he was pissed off. He was pissed though with white dudes playing saxophone which is not that cool. This is the mainstream version I guess of Metallica(too radio programmers, obviously not to me)”

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5. Think I’m in Love (No Control, 1982)

“Engaging melody and fun lyrics. My favorite Eddie Money track…but still only three and a half. Apparently, I’m not much of a fan of Eddie Money.”

4. Two Tickets to Paradise (Eddie Money, 1977)

“This should be #1. I love so many of his songs, even the non-hit album tracks, but this song is part of our national lexicon. It has a positive message, great riff, awesome guitar solo, and is a crowd sing-a-long. by the way, Eddie Money has never gotten the credit he deserves in my humble opinion. Great song writer and performer. He rocks!”

3. Walk on Water (Nothing to Lose, 1988)

“Apparently, “Take Me Home Tonight” was something of an aberration because I actively disliked everything that came from him afterwards.”

2. Baby Hold On (Eddie Money, 1977)

“Catchy number with some rather forgettable but singable lyrics. Park your brain and “unh, hold on” to your heart’s content.”

1. Take Me Home Tonight (Can’t Hold Back, 1986)

“The song is almost schizophrenic, as good aspects butt up against bad ones. Start with the chorus. It’s perfect. Even though it’s Eddie Money singing, the inflection on “take me HOME tonight” has just the right amount of yearning to draw me in. It’s backed by a guitar and keyboard stew that does its job excellently. Oh, and then Ronnie Spector sings.”