New Found Glory Songs Ranked

New Found Glory (formerly A New Found Glory) is an American rock band from Coral Springs, Florida, formed in 1997. The band currently consists of Jordan Pundik (lead vocals), Ian Grushka (bass guitar), Chad Gilbert (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Cyrus Bolooki (drums). Longtime rhythm guitarist and lyricist Steve Klein departed from the band in late 2013. During their lengthy recording career, the band has released ten studio albums, one live album, two EPs, and four cover albums. Emerging as part of the second wave of pop-punk in the late 1990s, music critics consider them a key pioneer of the genre. Often labeled the “godfathers of pop-punk”, AllMusic credits them for “practically serving alongside the work of Blink-182 as the blueprint to the entire genre for the early 2000s.”  Alternative Press has praised the group for their “innovative and entirely irresistible fusion of punk melodies and hardcore breakdowns.” As such, New Found Glory is considered highly influential in the development of the sub-genre easy core. Here are all of New Found Glory songs ranked.

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20. It’s Not Your Fault (Coming Home, 2006)

“This song and this album are completely underrated. The lyrics to this are amazing. This is their best song I think.”

19. At Least I’m Known for Something (Catalyst, 2004)

“Classic heavy guitar riffs. The kind of pop punk you would find in a 2000s video game! Super catchy, cleverly put together and well played!”

18. Hold My Hand (Coming Home, 2006)

“This song signified the development of New Found Glory’s songwriting and musicality. I’m not saying it’s the best but it should be higher. Love this song, it’s so great”

17. Iris (From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II, 2007)

“It is an amazing cover, made me love NFG! The best cover there is… I think it’s better than the original! Just an awesome cover!”

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16. Sonny (Sticks and Stones, 2002)

“My favorite song by the band right now. Has an uplifting and catchy beat that I just can’t get over. Unique groove to this song. I’ve always liked it.”

15. Listen to Your Friends (Not Without a Fight, 2009)

“This album rocks and this song really hits the nail on the head. First song I’ve ever heard by NFG, and that’s why I fell in love with them. Awesome songs with catchy lyrics/music”

14. Head on Collision (Sticks and Stones, 2002)

“The song influenced the band All Time Low to get their name And it’s a really great song. If you never listened to it before you should you will not be disappointed. I think it should at least be on the top 10.”

13. Memories and Battle Scars (Radiosurgery, 2011)

“Probably my second favorite song on this album. I think the map of your body is better but it wasn’t an option. In many ways, a perfect pop-punk song. Great song. Catchy”

12. Dressed to Kill (New Found Glory, 2000)

“This song is easily one of the better written NFG songs. The tempo is very differed from a lot of their other songs because it treads the line between upbeat and slow. The thematic elements and the video alone make it deserving of a much higher place on this list. I’ve been an NFG fan for 10 years and to this day, this song still gets to me.”

11. Understatement (Sticks and Stones, 2002)

“Melts my heart every time I hear it. Without a doubt the best cover of this song! Underrated dudes. This is such a good and catchy song that should definitely be further up!”

10. King of Wishful Thinking (From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II, 2007)

“Other than the Ramones covers this is probably the only one that I really dig. I go back and forth between this and Glory of Love as their best cover song. Best Song by a long shot. No lie.”

9. Forget My Name (Sticks and Stones, 2002)

“I really love this song! This was the first song I ever herd by them! And that’s when I fell in love what this band! Kick-ass chorus that gets stuck in your head (in a good way).”

8. All Downhill from Here (Catalyst, 2004)

“Best song off their album Catalyst! Love it, it easily deserves a top spot for being such a good song. It’s just so damn catchy, nothing beats listening to it. Best guitar riffs out there”

7. Sucker (New Found Glory, 2000)

“A good sort-of rocking song with good drums. A fabulous song. “tell me about your first kiss; tell me or have you already forgotten it?” it speaks for itself, or should i say it sings for itself?

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6. The Minute I Met You (Clockstoppers, 2002)

“Absolutely brilliant! It’s one of their best albums and that’s saying something. I don’t know how they do it after all these years. One of the few bands to keep their style and not sell out! The band are amazing! Each song is great and some Jordans vocals are on point as ever!”

5. The Glory of Love (Movie Addiction, 2002)

“This version takes out what was beautiful and great about the original. At least the lyrics are there and it evokes some nostalgia, but I did not want to be reminded of the song I wanted to experience the whole thing. Peter Cetera, yeah that’s the one.”

4. All About Her (New Found Glory, 2000)

“Torn between this one and “Better Off Dead”. This song makes me think of my fiance so I’ll go with this gem. A very rockin’ song, with catchy tunes and good lyrics. My favorite NFG song, it doesn’t get old.

3. Better Off Dead (New Found Glory, 2000)

“Catchy lyrics and tunes, a great starting song for this album. Rockin’ beats are also included. This song i can relate to more than any on the cd. It is very hyper and awesome and….just plain fabulous”

2. My Friends Over You (Sticks and Stones, 2002)

“My favorite song ever! I love the guitar in this song. This is the first song I learned to play. By far my favorite song overall. Their only good song, but it’s a pretty damn good one. This is a pop punk classic.”

1. Hit or Miss (Nothing Gold Can Stay, 1999)

“The guitar riffs are great and the drumming is insane at times. Amazing song, lyrics apply to me and situations I’ve been in in more ways than even I can understand. Can’t help but sing along with this one.”