One Republic Songs Ranked

OneRepublic is an American pop rock band formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2002. It consists of lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Tedder, guitarist Zach Filkins, guitarist Drew Brown, bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle, drummer Eddie Fisher, and keyboardist Brian Willett. The band first achieved commercial success on Myspace as an unsigned act. In late 2002, after OneRepublic played shows throughout the Los Angeles area, several record labels approached the band with interest, but the band ultimately signed with Velvet Hammer, an imprint of Columbia Records. They made their first album with producer Greg Wells during the summer and fall of 2005 at his studio, Rocket Carousel, in Culver City, California. The album was originally scheduled for release on June 6, 2006, but the group was dropped by Columbia two months before the album came out. The lead single of that album, “Apologize”, was released on April 30, 2006, on Myspace and received some recognition there, becoming number one on the Myspace charts. On October 7, 2016, OneRepublic released Oh My My, their fourth studio album, which featured a number of collaborators, including Cassius, Peter Gabriel, and Santigold. Preceded by the singles “Wherever I Go”, released on May 13, 2016, and “Kids”, released on August 12, 2016, it was recognized as a change in their sound in contrast to previous albums by both critics and the band itself. In 2017, the band released the singles “No Vacancy”, “Truth to Power”, “Stranger Things” with Kygo, and “Rich Love” with Seeb. To date, the band has sold approximately 16 million records worldwide. Here are all of One Republic songs ranked.

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18. Prodigal (Dreaming Out Loud, 2007)

“Prodigal is another song which deals with redemption and salvation (which are both heavy themes across this whole album) and the best word I have for this song is powerful. (I will say this song took forever to grow on me. I don’t exactly know the reason though.)”

17. No Vacancy (No Vacancy, 2017)

“I like the sound of this band and in this song it had a few big hits but overall everything was pretty average. The song seemed to flow well but I kinda was unfocussed and had it playing as background music.”

16. Rich Love (Rich Love, 2017)

“Another great song from OneRepublic. Kind of a nice samba vibe. Lyrically & melodically it’s an awesome song, it’s pretty strong and it deserves to be re-evaluated!

15. Love Runs Out (Native, 2013)

“It’s pretty catchy and propulsive and competent in most important aspects, but man, if this thing was any more unnecessarily dramatic it’d be an amateur stage production. Still, can’t complain too hard. I’ve certainly heard worse pieces of melodrama.”

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14. Say (Dreaming Out Loud, 2007)

“Eventually ‘Say’ gathers pace as its more organic presence is allowed to break through to lead the second chorus in, and from there it gains altitude with a bright instrumental counter-melody providing suitable accompaniment as an undercurrent to the pleasant racket above – the perfect song to play over scenes of people running triumphantly up hills to achieve unspecified purposes.”

13. Secrets (Bravo: The Hits 2009, 2009)

“To be honest, this is a guilty pleasure of mine. I really love the violin that plays throughout, and that chorus, however corny it might be with the critics line, is still pretty fun to sing along.”

12. Start Again (Start Again, 2018)

“This is an immensely likable song, and a testament that their brand of watered-down piano-rock can still be done extremely well.”

11. Connection (Connection, 2018)

“A fast song with upbeat background music. If you need more time to decide of whether to purchase the song listen to the MP3 sample, no disappointment will show on your face”

10. Let’s Hurt Tonight (Oh My My, 2016)

“”Let’s Hurt Tonight” is one of the ending theme songs in the movie “Collateral Beauty” which stars Will Smith and other great actors. It is a sad and heart-wrenching movie and this song complements it perfectly. It is a life- affirming movie. The lyrics and arrangement are wonderful by a group I had never heard of before this movie. The group is One Republic.”

9. Good Life (Waking Up, 2009)

“Good Life” does away with that atmosphere and hits upon a simply wonderful chorus to create a a tasteful, unpretentious, addictive single. One thing OneRepublic always had that other bands of their ilk didn’t is restraint; even when their earlier hits like “Apologize” were in the throes of agony, they were never particularly loud, and it served them well.”

8. Kids (Oh My My, 2016)

“A beautifully crafted ode to the acceptance of aging, reflecting back on carefree youth and the hopeful optimism of future days. An epic pop masterpiece that satisfies on many levels.”

7. Wherever I Go (Oh My My, 2016)

“Who knew what OneRepublic needed to be semi decent was to stop pretending they were a rock band and go full on dance pop? This has a neat sound and hear it my head … When I hear them in my head I know they will be something I will listen to often, Such a good group.”

6. If I Lose Myself (Native, 2013)

“Onerepublic has done it again! I bought this a couple days ago, and i think it’s awesome! I’ve noticed a recurrent theme for pretty much every artist I know. They used to make songs that don’t really appeal to me like THAT, but lately, they make better songs than they used to. I guess people’s music tastes get to more appealing things when they get older and it took me just now to realize it.”

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5. Stop and Stare (Dreaming Out Loud, 2007)

“A perfect rock rendition with a soulful, compelling message. Worth hearing over and over again. Vocals and instruments in outstanding harmony. The melody is fantastic. The song is well written and arranged.”

4. Something I Need (Native, 2013)

“This song is full of a strong steady beat, starting of in a more acoustic sound with instrumentals joining in before you know it you are encompassed by the powerful rhythm of the song. I ended up playing this song for about 4 hours straight, after hunting it down after it popped up on my pandora. Its also a great song to sing along to”

3. Apologize (Shock Value, 2007)

“This song from OneRepublic is a very clever mix of hip-hop and rock. I loved it from the first time I heard it.The lead singer’s vocals are killer. Not sure that last one is a word, but that is how I felt the first time I heard this tune, as I am sure did everyone else who knows this song from One Republic.”

2. I Lived (Native, 2013)

“The way Ryan Tedder uses his voice on this song is absolutely amazing! Its like a modern version of “In my life” by the beatles, a band I don’t like, but others like, although I respect them as music artists but this song is amazing and reminds me of that song to the fullest. Also this song takes me back to the past when things were more easier as well. I think its One republic’s best song in my opinion.”

1. Counting Stars (Native, 2013)

“This song proves that this group will be around for a long time, I like the fast pace of this song. As soon as you hear it grabs you and draws you in til’ the end. The lyrics are great, it’s kind of an anti- greed song.”