Elvis is Back! Songs Ranked

Elvis Is Back! is the fourth studio album by American rock and roll singer Elvis Presley, released by RCA Victor on April 8, 1960. It was Presley’s first album issued in stereophonic sound. Recorded over two sessions in March and April, the album marked Presley’s return to recording after his discharge from the U.S. Army. It was Presley’s first album of new material since Elvis’ Christmas Album was issued in 1957. Elvis Is Back! topped the UK Albums Chart and reached number two in Billboard’s Top LPs. Initially, the release received mixed reviews, but over subsequent years its critical reception became progressively more positive. Elvis is Back! was certified Gold on July 15, 1999, by the Recording Industry Association of America. Here are all of Elvis is Back! songs ranked.

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10. The Girl Next Door Went A’walking

“With all do respect to other Artists of the early 60’s, I challenge anyone to listen to this end to end and name anyone that comes close to Elvis’ versatility as an artist. His voice could handle any rocker or ballad he wanted to sing.”

9. It Feels So Right

“Another recorded at that first session after leaving the army was It Feels So Right, a raspy delivery that seems just right for the lyrics.”

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8. Soldier Boy

“As far as the ballads go, Elvis is at the top of his form and never fails to provide full sound and distinct them all apart from each other. For example, Soldier Boy is a doo-up ballad that up to that point only major black vocalists could validate through their performances.”

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7. Thrill of Your Love

“On Thrill Of Your Love, written by Stanley Kessler, Elvis alternates between going full bore, and then laying back, to produce a most unusual track.”

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6. Dirty, Dirty Feeling

“Too many people refuse to admit that Elvis Presley continued to grow as an artist after the ’50’s. This album is proof that he matured beyond the level most people are lazy enough to remember him for. Many have cited Elvis’ willingness to sing questionable material and his sometimes tacky taste in singers like Dean Martin.”

5. I Will Be Home Again

“This is an album that is filled with Elvis vocal mannerisms that no one can master just as well. Throughout the various rock tunes, he provides again an example of a high pitched voice that can be next to a low baritone note.”

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4. Fever

“So it is not surprising that Presley sounds here with this depth and vocal maturity, allowing him to perform with an elegance and sophistication previously unheard of. See the ease with which he faces a “Fever” in which he only has the accompaniment of a double bass and a few clicks.”

3. Make Me Know It

“Make Me Know It, the first track here and written by Otis Blackwell, was the first one he recorded after leaving the army, done in Nashville on March 20, 1960.”

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2. Such a Night

“Such A Night is a classic written by Lincoln Chase, husband of, and producer for, Shirley Ellis, and first performed in 1954 by The Drifters, with Clyde McPhatter on lead, as well as Johnny Ray, and was actually banned at the time by certain radio stations for its “suggestive” lyrics.”

1. The Girl of My Best Friend

“These were Elvis’ first post-army studio sessions. He was in fine voice– and you can HEAR the maturing of his vocal talent (range, interpretation and emotive achievement) revealing a refined, yet fresh new style. The choice of material also speaks volumes…country, blues, gospel, doo-wop, rock and wonderfully navigated pop. If you’ve ever wondered what Elvis is all about…this is a good place to learn. I can’t imagine any singer alive today who could even come close to the capabilities of this guy.”