Empire of the Sun Songs Ranked

Empire of the Sun is an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney and Perth, formed in 2007. The duo is a collaboration between Luke Steele, of alternative rock band The Sleepy Jackson, and Nick Littlemore, of electronic dance band Pnau. Empire of the Sun’s 2008 debut album, Walking on a Dream, brought the duo international success and has been certified double platinum in Australia and gold in the United Kingdom. The album provided a number of internationally charting singles including “Walking on a Dream”, which peaked at number ten on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart and reached number sixty-four on the UK Singles Chart, and “We Are the People”, which peaked at number fourteen on the UK Singles Chart. The band’s second album, Ice on the Dune, was released in June 2013, preceded by the lead single “Alive” on 16 April. The band is signed to EMI Music Australia/Virgin. As a live band, they have performed internationally and are known for their flamboyant appearance and elaborate stage sets. The duo has won a number of Australian music awards, with Walking on a Dream receiving 11 nominations at the ARIA Music Awards of 2009, winning seven, including Album of the Year. Here are all of Empire of the Sun’s songs ranked.

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15. DNA (Ice on the Dune, 2013)

“That’s the kind of music that awakens my soul and makes me create scenes in my mind, like if I was in another dimension… I just love this!

14. Two Leaves (On Our Way Home, 2017)

“This song is amazing. Two Leaves fits to the first album. It is in style of “walking on a dream” album. Dreamy, peaceful, nostalgic, romantic, cosmic. I really love this tune! Could this be an intro to another great and new chapter.”

13. Way to Go (Two Vines, 2016)

“This song is cathartic for me every time I listen. This song, this band are a God send for me. Never stop your healing powers of music Empire of the Sun! I’m a fan forever more and always”

Two Vines by Empire Of The Sun | Album | Listen for Free on Myspace

12. Digital Life (Two Vines, 2016)

“It has a slow beat but this song is so powerful! It gives me so much energy and transcended me to another level. I love empire of the sun. They connect to me through another dimension”

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11. Chrysalis (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“So much love for this band and adore this song. It is a game changer. Went absolutely head over heels first time hearing this song.. Chrysalis will remind you of everything you love about Empire of the Sun.”

10. Alive (Ice on the Dune, 2013)

“This song defined Ice on the Dune! Very cheerful and great to blast over and over. Always get that uplifting feeling when listening to this song and it has never faded over the years”

Empire Of The Sun – Ice On The Dune (2013, CD) - Discogs

9. Swordfish Hotkiss Night (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“I first heard this song used as background music for a YouTube video on how to create an acrylic painting – and it really is a perfect song to paint to.”

8. The World (The World, 2009)

‘Incredible album. It floats you out of your body and whisks you through all the splendor and beauty of the universe, then nestles you back safely into the the warmth of your bed.”

7. Delta Bay (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“I just can’t describe this song with word…I can’t get enough! The feeling is like every amazing song I’ve ever heard smashed into 195 seconds of pure musical genius…”

Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream: escucha con letras | Deezer

6. Country (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“The song, Country, is a purely instrumental song, except for a few ‘ooo’ vocals at the end. It starts with a nice guitar melody, building into a trance-style synth melody, and ending with the “ooo” vocals.”

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5. Half Mast (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“This is a song that you will listen to a million times a day and then you eventually forget about it but in a year you will remember it and memories will just flood in at the time in your life when you were obsessed with this song… or maybe that’s just me”

4. On Our Way Home (On Our Way Home, 2017)

“The best one in my opinion! Lyrics are poetic and beautiful. The story is beautiful also and sad! Wonderful mixture of tones and feelings.. and of course MUSIC! True art, this band isn’t like any other and that’s exactly why I love them!”

Empire of the Sun - On Our Way Home EP Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

3. Standing On the Shore (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“Absolutely love the transition at @3:04. The Indian chant goes amazing with the tune… My mind wanders away whenever I listen to this track. Love it. Absolutely love it. Wish they made more like these.”

2. We Are the People (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“It is a bit cheesy, these guys look silly, and I thought they were from Europe because of the singers voice/accent. Because of that, overall presence and the fact that I don’t feel extremely comfortable by listening this I guess I shouldn’t like this single much. On the other hand, I can’t help myself enjoying it and therefore placing it pretty high on my guilty pleasures list”

1. Walking On a Dream (Walking on a Dream, 2008)

“Walking On A Dream is the debut album from the Australian electro band Empire Of The Sun. In a similar vein to The Pet Shop Boys, they combine electronic sounds and harmonies with that wonderful electro voice, this album is definitely a hit with me. I love the single and album title Walking On A Dream, which has an awesome video to it too. Nick and Luke’s stage persona is very theatrical and artistic just like the album cover. Well done lads. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.”