Escape Songs Ranked

Escape (stylized as E5C4P3 on the album cover) is the seventh studio album by American rock band Journey, released in 1981. It topped the American Billboard 200 chart and features four hit Billboard Hot 100 singles – “Don’t Stop Believin'” (no. 9), “Who’s Crying Now” (no. 4), “Still They Ride” (no. 19) and “Open Arms” (no. 2) – plus rock radio staple “Stone in Love.” In July 2021, it was certified diamond by the RIAA, making it the band’s most successful studio album and second most successful album overall behind Greatest Hits. Escape was the band’s first album with keyboardist Jonathan Cain, who replaced founding keyboardist Gregg Rolie after he left the band at the end of 1980. The album was co-produced by former Lynyrd Skynyrd sound technician Kevin Elson and one-time Queen engineer Mike Stone, who also engineered the album. Here are all of Escape songs ranked. Here are all of Escape songs ranked.

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10. Lay It Down

“Simple song, yet still rocks out. Steve Perry shows his aggressive?, testosterone driven? side… This is a great album! Really nothing needs to be said that has not been written about the fine songs, performances, and production.”

9. Dead or Alive

“A run of the mill song where Neal Schon’s blazing guitar is the only strong point. A good song but not too interesting to me. It has a good beat and guitar part but I just don’t care for it.”

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8. Stone in Love

“Great tune. I like the opening guitar part and the song that follows said opening. My all-time favorite Journey song. An underrated rock ‘n’ roll classic.”

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7. Mother, Father

“A moving song written by Schon and his sister? wife?… not sure, but it’s a good one. A very nicely done Power Ballad about the strength of the family. I love the whole song and I think it’s one of their overall best.”

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6. Keep on Runnin’

“People don’t think of this song when they think of Journey. A loud and fast one, I LOVE IT!!! (Extra points for the XC runner like me) A fun little song that is fast and catchy. I like it a lot.”

5. Still They Ride

“Still They Ride is another interesting song that gives you the chills every time you hear it. Still They Ride, the most Journeyish song on the album also landed squarely in the Top 20. I only say that because Still They Ride manages to purely capture the feel and style of what made INFINITY their perfect album.”

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4. Escape

“Best song on the album. As a fan of progressive music, this is amazing. I love the instrumental section between the 2 different parts. And the guitar on the 2nd part is just plain awesome! A great plethora of musical variety. A good jam, especially live.”

3. Open Arms

“Their biggest hit of the album. It reached number 2 back in the year it came out. I like this ballad but “Faithfully” from Frontiers is better IMO. The perfect closer to the album. A timeless, if not the best, power ballad.”

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2. Who’s Crying Now

“Who’s Crying Now, yet another Perry sad-fest, delivers a catchy piano progression with choral rythme and bass, and Schon’s beautiful electric blues accents; it hit #4. Neal Schon’s bluesy soulful Gibson sings with feeling the whole way through.”

1. Don’t Stop Believin’

“I won’t describe this because I’ve never met a person who’s never heard this before! (Yes it’s that popular! This puts all modern music to shame.) Probably their best known song. A great rocker.”