Infinity Songs Ranked

Infinity is the fourth studio album by American rock band Journey, released in January 1978 on Columbia Records. It was the band’s first album with vocalist Steve Perry and the last to feature drummer Aynsley Dunbar. Journey’s manager, Herbie Herbert, enlisted English producer Roy Thomas Baker to produce Infinity. Baker produced a layered sound approach, similar to his work with Queen, as demonstrated on tracks such as “Winds of March” (with help from engineer Geoff Workman). In addition, Baker’s method of stacked harmonies, notable on several other albums he produced, became trademarks of Journey’s sound. He achieved this by having each vocalist (usually Perry and Rolie, sometimes joined by Valory and/or Schon) sing each harmony part in unison. This had the effect of making three or four voices sound like more, and is notable on the songs “Feeling that Way” and “Anytime”, which are often played in tandem consecutively on radio stations as presented on the album. Here are all of Infinity songs ranked.

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10. Winds of March

“My favorite song of the album! It’s so pretty, it’s got a beautiful melody and Perry sings it with much grace. I love how they speed it up for an organ and guitar solo and then slow it down in the middle of the guitar solo. When they slow it down, that’s the best solo Schon has EVER DONE!!! I’m not exaggerating at all!”

9. Somethin’ to Hide

“”Somethin’ to Hide” starts as (another) ballad. Other than Steve Perry exploring how high he can sing (really high), the song is perhaps less remarkable than some of the others on this CD, but well fitting with the quality of the CD.”

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8. Can Do

“Can Do”, also belies the image of Journey the pop/rock group. The group I thought of immediately with this song is Queen; I like this song, and the comparison to Queen is the easiest way to describe the music.”

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7. Opened the Door

“Opened the Door” finishes the CD off with a Steve Perry love ballad. The music is soft, with a strong lead guitar thread well supported by the backing bass; a song more in the line with the Top 40 songs that many consider the forte of Journey.”

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6. Patiently

“Patiently” is a Steve Perry ballad with minimal backing instrumentals. While the lyrics are throw-away, the interesting thing about this song is the last third, where the song switches from a quiet vocal to a hard rocker with crunchy guitars and heavy bass, and then reverts to its original nature in the last 30 seconds. A very interesting musical changeup.”

5. Wheel in the Sky

“Their first major hit ever. None of their songs before this were critically accepted and therefore no hits…this was their first and it’s still a great song! “Wheel in the Sky” was another great hit for Journey, and needs no description.”

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4. La Do Da

“his heavy-rock gem could just as easily have been sung by Greg Rollie, and it would have sounded just like something from the fusion-era stuff. “Open the Door”? Sure, Perry’s treatment of it makes the casual listener dismiss it subconsciously as another Journey top 40 thing, but listen again to the arrangement, effects and keyboard work”

3. Anytime

“Anytime” kicks off with a harmony leading into a heavy bass beat and Greg Rolie vocals. Very effective song, again containing a very solid rock beat. This is a song sung fully by Greg and Perry has like one or two lines in the middle of the song but you can tell he’s singing harmony and backing on it.”

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2. Lights

“Flipping back to the beginning of the CD, there is no need to comment on “Lights”, one of Journey’s monster hits. A great ballad. One of their all-time best Ballads…3rd best behind Faithfully and When You Love a Woman.”

1. Feeling that Way

“Feeling That Way”, has Steve Perry sharing the vocal lead with Greg Rolie very effectively; a solid rock song with ballad elements. One interesting musical note is the Queen-like lead guitar in the bridge.”