Fifth Harmony Songs Ranked

Fifth Harmony, often shortened to 5H, is an American girl group based in Miami, composed of Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and previously Camila Cabello until her departure from the group in December 2016. The group signed a joint record deal with Simon Cowell’s label Syco Records and L.A. Reid’s label Epic Records after forming and finishing third in the second season of the American singing competition series The X Factor in 2012. Rising to prominence by social media, the group’s debut extended play and their three studio albums all charted within the top ten of the Billboard 200 in the United States. Their accolades include three MTV Europe Music Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, four iHeartRadio Music Awards, an American Music Award, a Billboard Women in Music award, and ten Teen Choice Awards. Fifth Harmony has sold over 15M album units in the United States and earned 1.6 billion on-demand streams, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The group went on hiatus in March 2018, allowing the members to pursue solo projects. Here are all of Fifth Harmony’s songs ranked.

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20. I’m In Love With a Monster (Reflection, 2015)

“This song is so underrated! When the song was made, Lauren was barely assigned solos but she got to lead THIS song! I love it!”

19. Give Your Heart a Break (Unbroken, 2012)

“Super impressed with how the girls have come since their X-Factor days. I wasn’t feeling it at first, since it is such a stark contrast from their covers and EP, but I slowly started to enjoy it and now I can listen to the entire CD on repeat for hours straight.”

18. Stand by You (I’ll Stand by You (The X Factor USA performance), 2012)

“I feel like Lauren and Normani sounded best on this cover, But they’re not getting enough appreciation. I love their voices. No hate to the other girls though, love them all.”

Fifth Harmony Better Together by KallumLavigne on DeviantArt

17. Me & My Girls (Reflection, 2015)

“Then, this song used to be amazing and fun and silly. But now, it’s kind of depressing. They were singing about all of them being together with “their girls” and it’s sad now because they’re not together anymore. I feel like crying everytime I listen to this song”

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16. No Way (7/27, 2016)

“The vocals of this ballad is sensitive and shows their soft side. I think it needs to be higher up in my opinion. And their vocals are so angelic!”

15. A Thousand Years (A Thousand Years, 2012)

“Their voices in this cover make me speechless its one of my favorite covers they just harmonize they’re not named fifth harmony for nothing”

Fifth Harmony (album) - Wikipedia

14. Anything Could Happen (Anything Could Happen, 2012)

“They are all brilliantly QUEEN singers, Dinah just has the highest voice, Camila has the cutest voice, Normani can WHISTLE, Lauren has great emotion in her singing, and Ally has the greatest dedication and that HIGH notes she pulls off in every Better Together song…means they’re all GOOD.”

13. Uptown Funk (Uptown Funk, 2015)

“Dinah was the unquestionable MVP of this video. Only goes to show why she deserves more solos on their actual songs. Normani sounded really really good. Is it me or does it seem like her vocals just keep getting better? They gave just the right amount of Camila but why was there no Lauren solo? She would have rocked this song. Not feeling that Mahogany girl, wish Lauren would have gotten her part”

12. Gonna Get Better (7/27, 2016)

“I thought it was a break up song saying “come on girls, it’s gonna get better.” But this is awesome. And I love how they’re not gold diggers. This song was literally gold. All of their vocals were amazing, and Lauren’s part made me want to listen to it on loop

Harmonizers – TeenInfoNet

11. Squeeze (7/27, 2016)

“That last chorus with Dinah and Camilla is my favorite part of the song. They should really pair Camilla and Dinah together to lead songs more often because this and Big Bad Wolf are the bomb.”

10. Body Rock (Reflection, 2015)

“One big banger after another to start, then the sugar rush comes crashing down with a thud by the middle… though picks up enough steam at the end to make their next go-around look promising.”

9. We Know (Reflection, 2015)

“A blazing start, a moribund middle section and a solid close spell out the frustrating, still-unrealized but still massive potential Fifth Harmony has.”

Fifth Harmony - 7/27 (Japan Deluxe Edition) Artwork (1 of 4) |

8. Who Are You (Reflection, 2015)

“Who are you” and “We know” are Fifth Harmony’s best songs. Both of them are beyond good, they are excellent. It would be great if they could be known for this type of songs, that show their vocals splendidly and that gather an perfect combination of melody and well-written lyrics”

7. Bo$$ (Reflection, 2015)

“This song is so catchy, and it’s rare to have these upbeat songs with amazing meanings like this song. I like This song because it has a great beat and it talks about being a boss and being confident.

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6. All in My Head (Flex) (7/27, 2016)

“Sure it’s about sex but they are embracing their sexualities and the lyrics are actually quite endearing. And we notice that the girls themselves were songwriters of this. The beach electro trap vibe was amazing and it helped me rock my summer. Dinah and Normani slay as leaders in the song and I love all of their parts.”

Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap - All In My Head [ShadowReD & DJ Poun Remix] by  FDreams

5. That’s My Girl (7/27, 2016)

“This is a nice song by fifth harmony but worth it n work from home was the best. Even this is a motivation songs for mostly girls #love you fifths harmony you are the best”

4. Sledgehammer (Reflection, 2015)

“I dunno how people who see this will feel when I say this, but I’ve never been a Fifth Harmony fan. Their sound, performances and overall harmonies felt super underwhelming in comparison to other girl groups out there, and I just always thought of them to be really overrated. However, even with groups I don’t like, there is always that one song that I can get behind, and in the case of Fifth Harmony, it’s definitely this. Even if it’s not a Peter Gabriel cover. Unlike most of their other singles, this one features a hard-hitting, mid-tempo dance groove and stronger vocal performances that showcases all of the members at their best. It baffles me how this didn’t become nearly as big a hit as “Worth It” or “Work From Home”, as those songs felt way less fun and way too repetitive in my opinion. It really makes me wish they had other songs like this in their discography, or at least more of them.”

3. Work from Home (Work from Home, 2016)

“Its definitely the best Fifth Harmony song because the vocals really complement the tune. Wonderful song in all aspects… and the way TY Dolla Sign does his part adds an extra dimension to the song and that sums it up as the best from the group. The video is also very attractive and charming”

Fifth Harmony - Work From Home - Cover by alerochi1 on DeviantArt

2. Worth It (Reflection, 2015)

“No matter how many times you listen to the song its definitely worth it. One of the catchiest songs of the decade. Worth it surly Worthy to be at the number one position.”

1. Miss Movin On (Better Together, 2013)

“I love their album but Miss movin’ on is probably my favorite song they have done probably because it was the first song I ever heard by them and it really got my attention and made me a Harmonizer.”