Fit for an Autopsy Albums Ranked

Fit for an Autopsy is an American deathcore band from Jersey City, New Jersey, formed in 2008. The band consists of guitarists Will Putney, Pat Sheridan, and Tim Howley, drummer Josean Orta, lead vocalist Joe Badolato, and bassist Peter “Blue” Spinazola. Fit for an Autopsy is currently signed to Nuclear Blast Records and has released five studio albums since its formation. The band released their first demo in 2008, followed a year later by the group’s first EP, Hell on Earth. In 2011, Fit for an Autopsy released their first full-length LP, The Process of Human Extermination. In September 2013, the band released their second album, Hellbound. Less than a year later, in April 2014, the band announced that vocalist Nate Johnson would be leaving the band. Greg Wilburn of the Devastated was immediately named as Johnson’s temporary replacement. Here are all of the Fit for an Autopsy albums ranked.

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5. Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell (2015)

Absolute Hope Absolute Hell - Wikipedia

‘The arrangement of this record is almost symphonic. The pieces compliment each other so well, from start to finish, the entire album has so much power, but not from a point of view of being unbelievably heavy (it doesn’t focus on being heavy), but rather from being a product of truly honest expression.”

4. Hellbound (2013)

Fit For An Autopsy – Hellbound (2013, CD) - Discogs

“Was surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did. Some solid as hell riffing going on, here. It’s just a fun album to listen to. Great accenting from all instruments which keeps the rather repetitive compositional style from getting too stale. This won’t change your mind if you don’t already like deathcore, but for fans of the genre when executed well it’s a real treat.”

3. The Process Of Human Extermination (2011)

Fit For An Autopsy – The Process Of Human Extermination (2011, CD) - Discogs

“Deathcore, is a genre increasingly running out of creative ideas and it’s really showing just because of the sheer amount of deathcore bands trying to be ‘progressive’ by following the djent trend. This album is one of the last straight deathcore albums i’ve heard that is quite well done and not hopping on a trend wagon.”

2. The Great Collapse (2017)

Fit For An Autopsy - The Great Collapse | Releases | Discogs

“Black Mammoth and Hydra were both instant favorites for me. I’ve listened to Black Mammoth easily a hundred times by now, and the rest of the album is crushingly brutal. The vocals are powerful, the guitar is well composed, and the drums are exactly as they need to be for this style. Possibly my favorite deathcore album yet.”

1. The Sea Of Tragic Beasts (2019)

The Sea of Tragic Beasts - Album by Fit For An Autopsy | Spotify

“This record possess a grandiose, mythological sense of adventure and atmosphere that makes it feel collectively so much more massive than it really is. It feels like a blood-soaked journey through a ravaged, war-torn fantasy world that’s beyond saving. It’s got just as much murderous intensity as it does attention to detail and intricacy, something that I think really makes the difference between standard, throwaway Deathcore and something much more dynamic.”