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Within the Ruins is an American progressive metalcore/deathcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, United States. They are currently signed to eOne Music and Good Fight Music. The group has released six studio albums and three EPs. Within the Ruins founding members, Joe Cocchi and Kevin “Drummer” McGuill started the band in 2003. The band went through some line-up changes and finally began working on their first self-released EP entitled Driven by Fear which was completed in 2005. Followed by the release, the band began touring in late 2006 in an effort to gain exposure and label recognition. With the release of their second EP Empires through Innerstrength Records, the band received an offer from Victory Records. The band’s debut album Creature was released in February 2009, followed by their second official release entitled Invade. Invade was released in September 2010, selling over 3000 copies in its first week. The band has most recently toured Europe with Carnifex and has been part of a number of 2011-12 festivals thus far including the Bonecrusher Fest, the Jamboree, New England Metal, and Hardcore Festival, the Bamboozle, South by Southwest, and 2011’s the Summer Slaughter Tour. In support of the Summer Slaughter Tour, the band released a 4-song EP entitled Omen. The EP consists of 2 new original songs and a cover of Metallica’s “Fight Fire With Fire” and Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son”. In 2013 the band signed with the new label eOne Entertainment and released a third album called Elite. Here are all of Within the Ruins songs ranked.

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10. Sky Splitter (Halfway Human, 2017)

“The introduction of cleans was done perfectly, flows right along with the music and doesn’t interrupt from the awesomeness that was already Within the Ruins. Feels like they used less crazy effects on the guitar and kept it cleaner. Love this approach. Hope they keep going on this path.”

9. Ataxia (Invade, 2010)

“This album blew me away, Within The Ruins is clearly a stand out band. They play off tempo”breakbeat” and are proud of it. The guitar work is amazing! Its so fast it’ll knock you straight to the ground. Then when you’re trying to stand they pummel you with low tuned chugging breakdowns which almost always open with a pushing bass drop.”

8. Objective Reality (Halfway Human, 2017)

“If you are a fan of the band, listen to this. I would even say that first time listeners should start here for a more rounded version of the band. Everything here you had heard before, but with the addition of clean vocals, the band moves ahead a notch by progressing. “

Halfway Human - Album by Within The Ruins | Spotify

7. Ataxia III (Phenomena, 2014)

“If you’re a fan of Within the Ruins, you know about what to expect but it’s their best yet and has a few new elements. The way they’ve integrated some electronics just adds to the craziness, in a good way, and their offbeat timing is familiar but still fresh.”

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6. Solace (Elite, 2013)

“I’ve been a big Within the Ruins fan for a while now. Their technical yet groovy style is unique and their musicianship is second to none. Intense drumming, intricate riffs, and soulful harmonies make this band stand out from the rest of the “death-core” crowd.”

5. Feeding Frenzy (Elite, 2013)

“This album is solid from start to finish, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys metal. I tried picking out the tracks that highlight the album, but they’re all equally amazing. I look forward to hearing more from Within the Ruins in the future.”

Elite - Album by Within The Ruins | Spotify

4. Calling Card (Phenomena, 2014)

“If you’re looking to open up your mind and Horizon to a different kind of sound look no further. There’s a Groove kind of metal to some of the tracks where as others are full out aggression with some methodically placed melodic and heavy breakdowns interchanged.”

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3. Ataxia II (Elite, 2013

“This album is both technical and furious and to me sounds like a combination of their previous albums Creature and Invade. If you are new to this band Elite is a good place to start although the other albums are just as good. This is one of my favorite bands.”

2. Enigma (Phenomena, 2014)

“One thing I really like about this band is that they have a distinct sound that helps them to stand out in an ocean of Metal bands. So often we see bands release an album that is such a departure from their previous material that they sound like an entirely different band and often not in a good way.”

Within The Ruins - Phenomena (2014) » CORE RADIO

1. Gods Amongst Men (Phenomena, 2014)

“The band has included more of a melodic flow, the songs have slowed down a tinge, and each track is much more memorable. This is exhibited clearly through the chorus of “Gods Amongst Men” and the synthesizer strategically placed throughout. This denotes their mature status as a band. The ever-strengthening bass seems to be prominently heavier, and the synthesizer seems to be more cleverly used as it adds to, but does not dominate their sound.”