Within the Ruins Albums Ranked

Within the Ruins is an American progressive metalcore/deathcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, United States. They are currently signed to eOne Music and Good Fight Music. The group has released six studio albums and three EPs. Within the Ruins founding members, Joe Cocchi and Kevin “Drummer” McGuill started the band in 2003. The band went through some line-up changes and finally began working on their first self-released EP entitled Driven by Fear which was completed in 2005. Followed by the release, the band began touring in late 2006 in an effort to gain exposure and label recognition. With the release of their second EP Empires through Innerstrength Records, the band received an offer from Victory Records. The band’s debut album Creature was released in February 2009, followed by their second official release entitled Invade. Invade was released in September 2010, selling over 3000 copies in its first week. The band has most recently toured Europe with Carnifex and has been part of a number of 2011-12 festivals thus far including the Bonecrusher Fest, the Jamboree, New England Metal, and Hardcore Festival, the Bamboozle, South by Southwest, and 2011’s the Summer Slaughter Tour. In support of the Summer Slaughter Tour, the band released a 4-song EP entitled Omen. The EP consists of 2 new original songs and a cover of Metallica’s “Fight Fire With Fire” and Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son”. In 2013 the band signed with the new label eOne Entertainment and released a third album called Elite. Here are all of Within the Ruins albums ranked.

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7. Trilogy (2018)

Trilogy (Instrumental versions of Elite - Phenomena - Halfway Human) by  Within The Ruins on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

“I love within the ruins, and with this instrumental album you can really hear all the intricacies of the music that sometimes get lost in the vocal mix. For example I’m hearing a lot of synth stuff I never noticed before, more guitar bends. Don’t get me wrong I like the vocals, but I’ve wanted instrumental versions for years. “

6. Black Heart (2020)

Black Heart - Album by Within The Ruins | Spotify

“Very technical and extremely solid deathcore record. This was the album that honestly solidified my fandom for Within the Ruins. Plenty of extremely solid breakdowns that’s for sure. A few nice guitar solos thrown in for very good measure and some excellent guitar patterns to mix it up.”

5. Elite (2013)

Elite - Album by Within The Ruins | Spotify

“I can’t say this one is much better than their last album, but for what it’s worth I really enjoyed it. It’s true though that it kinda goes through one ear and out the other. I will say however that the technical musicianship of the lead guitarist is totally insane. His riffs sound like full-on solos half the time!”

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4. Phenomena (2014)

Within The Ruins - Phenomena (2014) » CORE RADIO

“Love this album and I find myself returning to it more than many albums in my collection. Within the Ruins is a really good, up and coming band. They have some serious talent and I hope they get more recognition.”

3. Halfway Human (2017)

Halfway Human - Album by Within The Ruins | Spotify

“The introduction of cleans was done perfectly, flows right along with the music and doesn’t interrupt from the awesomeness that was already Within the Ruins. Feels like they used less crazy effects on the guitar and kept it cleaner. Love this approach. Hope they keep going on this path.”

2. Invade (2010)

Within The Ruins - Invade | Releases | Discogs

“A Deathcore version of Protest the Hero. Parallels aside, the lead guitar work is frequently amazing and intricate, and when the ‘core vocals are absent and the musicianship takes center stage the album really shines. Then again, there is a solid third of the songcraft that comes across as ordinary and boring Deathcore, which is to say there is more attitude than talent on display during these sections.”

1. Creature (2009)

Creature (Within the Ruins album) - Wikipedia

“This album emphasizes all what metalcore/deathcore was meant to do, take elements of metal/hardcore make it cohesive, technical, catchy and bring you out of the gutter of your soul in the most positive way possible.”