Fleet Foxes Song Ranked

Fleet Foxes are an American indie folk band formed in Seattle, Washington in 2006. The band consists of Robin Pecknold (vocals, guitar), Skyler Skjelset (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals), Casey Wescott (keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals), Christian Wargo (bass, guitar, backing vocals), and Morgan Henderson (upright bass, guitar, woodwinds, violin, percussion, saxophone). Led by singer-songwriter Robin Pecknold, the band came to prominence in 2008 with the release of their second EP Sun Giant and their debut album Fleet Foxes on Sub Pop. Both received critical praise and reviewers often noted the band’s use of refined lyrics and vocal harmonies. Fleet Foxes’ second studio album Helplessness Blues was released on Sub Pop in 2011. Following a hiatus between 2013 and 2016, during which Pecknold pursued an undergraduate degree, Fleet Foxes reunited to record their third album, Crack-Up, released on Nonesuch Records in 2017. The band’s fourth album, Shore, was released on Anti in September 2020. Here are all of Fleet Foxes’ songs ranked.

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13. Ragged Wood (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“This song is just plain sweet I love the Fleet Foxes! They always make my day better when ever I listen to them!! This is one of my favourite songs ever. Its beautiful. I love the way the tune completely changed towards the end. Perfect.”

12. Heard Them Stirring (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“Does anyone else here the resemblance of guitar with this song and “Hey You” by Pink Floyd? Yeah, I did. Even still, this song rocks and the harmonies are so powerful in the song that I love it. It’s a relaxing but powerful song for any outdoorsman (unlike me). The harmonies draw me to sleep and then wake me up with tears in my eyes. That’s right, I cried over this song; that’s how good it is.”

11. Sun Giant (Sun Giant, 2008)

“I really enjoyed this EP. I had never really heard of this band, so when doing my monthly ventures into indie audio this came up. And I am glad I have now added it to my collection. The vocals are great on this EP, and Fleet Foxes really put together some tasteful and dramatic arrangements.”

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10. English House (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“To me it sounds as if this song is written by someone who has been cheated on and is currently planning his revenge. A liar and a louse’ refers to his ex-girlfriend (liar) and her new boyfriend (louse). They are living a ‘country house,’ which represents the lost hope the writer/singer has to deal with now she left him: he won’t live in the country house with her, ever, like he always hoped he would.”

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9. Your Protector (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“At the beginning of this song, it is very eery and mysterious with the organ. It is so beautiful and the beauty progresses in the middle of the song when the harmonies of the vocals and the instruments are at their climaxes. The vocals sound sort of similar so “Ragged Wood,” but no problem whatsoever. The sound is very emotional and beautiful that I could care less. It also has some punk roots in it too, but not that it sounds unlike folk music whatsoever, which describes the great balance of music roots from this band.”

8. Montezuma (Helplessness Blues, 2011)

“This is introspective, about life and time, love and pleasure and passion, and the eventuality of death. It’s a musing on the finite and tragic. I really think that Robin is a bit too developed to be commenting on current or political events. If anything, this is about politics in the ancient sense. That is, people of this and that kind, with our differences and our similarities. How do we live together? From Montezuma to Tripoli, we’re all temporary, confined to something or someone, prisoners to time and place. I think there’s a kind of idealistic hope here too.”

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7. Helplessness Blues (Helplessness Blues, 2011)

“Gorgeous, and they improved the production over the last album (though the EP Sun Giant sounded good). Clearer space around the instruments and voices and better bass. And then I listened a second time and noticed that the lyrics are all kinds of awesome too. A next-generation, post-60’s view on freedom, individuality, and the good life.”

6. He Doesn’t Know Why (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“I don’t know why, but there’s something weird about this song. It’s not bad, it just sounds like one of those songs you’d hear in a church occasionally. This doesn’t mean it’s bad though, I still love the song, and you can’t be perfect on every song I guess. The harmonies are beautiful and match nicely to the organ and percussion. Good work with this song Fleet Foxes.”

5. Battery Kinzie (Helplessness Blues, 2011)

“I think this about a man who has somehow lost the woman he loves. He wakes up and realizes what a screw-up he is and tries to get her back, only to find her with someone else. He then spends his days very sad, knowing that she is not happy either, but she still walks, hurt and complacent”

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4. Blue Ridge Mountains (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“This is my favorite song on this album by far. The beginning is so beautiful with the soft guitar and the catchy cloud-carrying voice of Robin Pecknold. Then the song gets faster and more lovable. The song is so emotional and heavenly with the great story of his brother and how he loves him. The chorus is also phenomenal and star-striking. You can’t go wrong with this song. When Fleet Foxes come out with the second full album (third if counting Sun Giant), I hope some songs bring energy like this one and “Ragged Wood” do.”

3. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“This song just features a few acoustic guitars and Pecknold singing very meaningfully. It’s truly a beautiful song that was well though out for the love of the plains and outdoors of this band. It’s not really a bad song, it’s just the other songs on this album are much better in my opinion. Truly a relaxing song, especially the chorus where Pecknold sings highly and relaxes the listener.”

2. White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“To be honest, this song is one of the best I’ve ever heard, but I don’t believe in a perfect song. Anyways, White Winter Hymnal starts off with astounding vocal harmonies and a great chorus that is catchy. Then it brings in the guitars, drums, and bass out of nowhere, shocking the listener with applause as it then sounds to a howling noise made by Robin Pecknold in the background. The song is very short, but it is great especially at the end, when Pecknold howls louder and the instruments crescendo to its climax along with the fast beat of the drums. It then draws quietness with the vocals as they fade to nothing beautifully. A great song, and one for any music fan to try for a listen.”

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1. Mykonos (Fleet Foxes, 2008)

“One of the highlights of 2008. With a sound that’s as good as timeless, angelic vocal harmonies and a pop sensibility that could make a certain James Mercer envious, this is Fleet Foxes’ best tune to date. A shame they didn’t include it on their debut album.”