Phoenix Albums Ranked

Phoenix is a French indie pop band from Versailles, France, consisting of Thomas Mars (lead vocals), Deck d’Arcy (bass/keyboards/backing vocals), Christian Mazzalai (guitar/backing vocals), and Laurent Brancowitz (guitar/keyboards/backing vocals). While they have released such critically acclaimed records as United and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, they are best known for their singles “If I Ever Feel Better”, “Lisztomania”, “Too Young” and “1901”. In 2017, Phoenix collaborated with Tatenokawa, Inc., a brewery from Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, as a tribute to their late friend Toshiro Kuroda, a Japanese restaurateur who ran a store in Paris called Workshop Issei which offered food and sake from Japan. This store was on the ground floor of Christian Mazzalai’s apartment building, which is how he became friends with Kuroda. During the band’s Japan tour while promoting Bankrupt!, Kuroda took the band to visit sake breweries in Japan, one of which was Tatenokawa, Inc. Here are all of Phoenix albums ranked.

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7. Live! Thirty Days Ago, 2004

Phoenix - Live: Thirty Days Ago - Music

“I love this live album, it is perfect. The sound is great and I love hearing how they sounded back then. One of my favorite Phoenix tracks is If I Ever Feel Better and hearing Branco’s backing on that song on this album was lovely. Ah. The other songs are all fantastic too since they don’t really play them anymore. What a treat, I love this. A must for a huge Phoenix fan.”

6. Alphabetical, 2004

Phoenix: Alphabetical Album Review | Pitchfork

“Alphabetical has a different sound then other Phoenix albums (especially the later ones). This album is much slower and leans more to pop music. It’s not a sound I’m particularly very fond off. It all sounds a little bit generic, even boring sometimes; often it even sounds like a random boy band album.”

5. Ti Amo, 2017

Muziker - Phoenix Ti Amo (LP) 180 g

“While this is one of my least played Phoenix albums, it stands as a gem from the year 2017. I don’t think that being played infrequently is any bit discouraging, just because the other records in Phoenix’s discography are usually the ones I go to first (INBLT through Bankrupt!).”

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4. United, 2000

Phoenix – United (2000, CD) - Discogs

“Thomas Mars has a distinctive vocal style, and Phoenix’s debut sees the band finding their feet. There’s a wide range of instruments and genre experimentation, although it all fits within a pop sound. The opener “School’s Rules” has an enjoyable guitar intro which sadly isn’t a fully formed song. “Too Young” is a great single that has that fun-loving Phoenix-y sound and was included on Lost in Translation soundtrack.”

3. It’s Never Been Like That, 2006

Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“You know, I never actually got tired of listening to this. It has become one of my favorite albums ever. Some say it’s disposable, effortless music, but surely it must take great talent to write a breezy pop-rock album that only seems to get better over time. Perfect for waking up in the morning, for driving at night, for listening to poolside while grilling burgers, for impromptu house parties. Yes, I’d call it a perfect album.”

2. Bankrupt!, 2013

Album Review: Phoenix - Bankrupt! | The Current

“Bright, catchy, synthy indie-pop that provides an interesting, and to me preferable, contrast with the somewhat more generic Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. A painfully underrated record that I find to be more interesting and more memorable than its predecessor.”

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, 2009

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Born out of restlessness and a steady hunt for inspiration, this LP stands as a career-defining album filled with Phoenix’s signature melding of danceable rhythms and infectious choruses. While the band’s previous work enjoyed a moderate underground following, this release drew the attention of a more mainstream audience thanks to containing the group’s best and most efficient songwriting. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix also distinguishes itself by projecting a composed, unforced swagger with vocalist Thomas Mars sounding bright-eyed and youthful despite lyrics chronicling angst, confusion, disappointment, and despair. Arranged and executed with virtuoso precision, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix showcases an effortlessly cool band performing at their peak.”