Flyleaf Songs Ranked

Flyleaf is an American rock band formed in Belton, Texas, in 2002. The band has charted on mainstream rock, Christian pop and Christian metal genres. They performed around the United States in 2003 before releasing their eponymous debut album, Flyleaf, in 2005. The album went platinum after selling more than one million copies. Flyleaf released their second album Memento Mori on November 10, 2009; it debuted and peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard charts. Flyleaf’s third album New Horizons was released on October 30, 2012. Shortly before the album’s release, lead vocalist Lacey Sturm announced her departure. Kristen May subsequently became the new lead vocalist. May sang with the band until August 2016, when she announced her departure from the band. Here are all of Flyleaf songs ranked.

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10. Tiny Heart (Memento Mori, 2009)

“I love this song because it reminds me of people today and how they don’t love like they should. This song could be about people or it could be about God. Sometimes I just want to blare it on my radio so that I get others to listen to what it says. Although this song is amazing my personal favorite is This Close because a lot of times people are really close and just fall back.”

9. So I Thought (Flyleaf, 2005)

“This was close to perfection. First time I listen to this song, I feel like I’m floating. Then I search the lyrics and it was sooo meaningful. Maybe God use this band as an instrument to tell to all people that He love us sooo much”

8. Swept Away (Memento Mori, 2009)

“I love the unique style of this song, with both Lacey’s vocals and the instrumentation. The lyrics and mood of this song really capture the theme “from darkness into light” which is prevalent through the entire album, Memento Mori.”

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7. This Close (Memento Mori, 2009)

“I love this song do much. There’s so much emotion in her voice, and the lyrics truly speak to me… Flyleaf has so many incredible songs that it’s difficult to pick just one. “This Close” is definitely my favorite from “Memento Mori”.

6. Fire Fire (New Horizons, 2012)

“I am always bewildered as to the meaning of the lyrics, but I know it relates to the band’s journey somewhat, being 11 years together. Lacey’s beautiful voice makes the whole song so enjoyable to hear. Amazing song concept . Awesome.”

5. Arise (Memento Mori, 2009)

“Love this song, then I found it it was one of the songs that inspired Divergent. So powerful. This song has so much emotion in it, and so much inspiration! Lacey’s range is amazing, the song is beautiful, complete and perfect.”

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4. Fully Alive (Flyleaf, 2005)

“It is a pretty average modern rock release. The intro with the dual guitars is great, and the riff is pretty good all the way through. I’m not a fan of the vocals and lyrics, but i guess they can still be enjoyable to a lesser extent. Overall pretty decent song, and the bands best work.”

3. I’m So Sick (Flyleaf, 2005)

“I think this song might actually mean that she is tired of the general media.. They are all sitting there with blinders on and no one want to listen to what she really has to say. They choose not listen to what her songs really mean, and open their heart they way she has in her life. It’s her commitment to god that other people are not willing to share. It’s a matter of conviction and you really have to believe in what she is singing about.”

2. Again (Memento Mori, 2009)

“A great song and it’s meaning, just great. And it was good enough to get on Guitar Hero, so ha! Just everything about it makes it deserve at least the number 3 slot, Cassie is the only thing standing in it’s way because of the story it talks about. They are both amazing songs, all of their songs are.”

1. All Around Me (Flyleaf, 2005)

“I absolutely love this song and it makes me cry every single time that I hear it. It’s just so beautiful, and not only will it help you get through bad times, but it’ll make an inspirational song to listen to all of the time.”