Foals Albums Ranked

Foals are an English rock band from Oxford, formed in 2005. The band’s current line-up consists of lead vocalist and lead guitarist Yannis Philippakis, drummer and percussionist Jack Bevan, rhythm guitarist Jimmy Smith, and keyboardist Edwin Congreave. They are currently signed to Warner Records, and have released six studio albums to date: Antidotes (2008), Total Life Forever (2010), Holy Fire (2013), What Went Down (2015), and Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1& 2 (2019). They have also released one video album, six extended plays, and twenty-seven singles. The band’s most recent studio album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 was released in March 2019 while their sixth and immediate follow-up, Part 2, was released on 18 October 2019. Here are all of Foals albums ranked.

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6. Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2 (2019)

“This album works alongside part 1 and could easily have been sold as a double disc. Usually an album is carried by one or two fabulous tracks but then one or two come across as just a filler. Not this album. Every track carries itself through as an individual masterpiece and as a collection, it’ simply brilliant.”

5. Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 (2019)

“Great cohesive album from Foals. Very consistent, great production without it being way overdone. More mature sound from an artist that I think is going to endure a huge comeback this year. Stand out track: “Sunday. A really solid album from top to bottom that has a high degree of re-listen-ability”

4. Holy Fire (2013)

“Best album from Foals, great from start to finish. Even a couple of weaker tracks as Stepson and every time don’t really spoil it because the others are just awesome. Inhaler, My Number, and Providence are powerful songs, Late Night, Milk & Black Spiders and Moon are really beautiful ones. And Prelude is a great opener as well.

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3. What Went Down (2015)

“This is a really great album. The title track is the best starting to any album this year IMO. Such a heavy start, but there are some really nice mellow tracks on here as well – a perfect balance. Foals keep impressing. In some unexpected ways, Foals unleash the unbridled intensity that has been boiling beneath the surface of their entire career. “

2. Antidotes (2008)

“Infectious, immediate, and relentless math-rock greatness. Foals’ debut is just filled with this unrestrained momentum bursting through every song. I may be biased because I’ve listened to it so much, but there isn’t a skippable track on this album. Quite possibly my favorite math rock record ever.”

1. Total Life Forever (2010)

“Fun, energetic, and intricate. the first half is very catchy and loaded with great instrumentation, and the second half serves as a mellower comedown. More mature than antidotes and with far better songwriting than holy fire, in my opinion, this is their best work”