Sheer Mag Albums Ranked

Sheer Mag is an American rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, formed in 2014. A combination of 1970s rock and punk ethos, the band continued to gather attention, releasing three 7-inch EPs before March 2016. In January 2015, Rolling Stone featured the band as one of “10 New Artists You Need To Know”, describing them as “a gang of punks with a not-so-secret love of Seventies classic rock.”  Four of five band members attended the State University of New York at Purchase. In 2016, the band was part of the Coachella 2016 line-up and performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers. On May 10, 2017, Sheer Mag released “Need To Feel Your Love”, the first track off their first full-length record, Need to Feel Your Love. On June 19, 2019, they announced their second LP, A Distant Call. Here are all of Sheer Mag albums ranked.

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3. A Distant Call (2019)

“They are rad! If you’ve never hear Sheer Mag, you need to check them out. Their music is garage/pop/punk but the lead guitar and emotional vocals really set them apart from other bands from this genre. Because they have a lady singer X-ray specs come to mind, but replace the sax with awesome guitar.. and maybe trend more towards a Sonics type sound.”

2. Compilation (2016)

“I’m not a huge fan of the vocals, and honestly this isn’t my first time hearing a decent amount of this release but there’s so much punch in the music itself that I can’t help but love it. This album is straight great garage-y rock n roll. The guitar work is awesome. The singing is fantastic.”

1. Need To Feel Your Love (2017)

“Need To Feel Your Love” rises above your standard power pop/garage rock record because of the impressive lyricism throughout as well as all the cool riffs and melodies. Yes, the vocals can get a bit irritating, but at least there’s power in what the vocalist is singing and how she’s singing it. Bizarrely, Sheer Mag has created one of the biggest guilty pleasures of the year. It’s sort of corny, it’s sort of uncool.. but that just makes it cool.”