Frankie Armstrong Songs Ranked

Frankie Armstrong (born 13 January 1941 in Workington, Cumberland, England) is an English singer and voice teacher. She has worked as a singer in the folk scene and the women’s movement and as a trainer in social and youth work. Her repertoire ranges from traditional ballads to music-hall and contemporary songs, often focusing on the lives of women. She is a key mover of the natural voice and community choirs movements and is the president of the natural voice network and has been a voice coach for theatrical groups, including at the National Theatre for 18 years. Involved with folk and political songs from the 1950s, she has performed and/or recorded with Blowzabella, The Orckestra (with Henry Cow and the Mike Westbrook Brass Band), Ken Hyder’s Talisker, John Kirkpatrick, Brian Pearson, Leon Rosselson, Dave Van Ronk and Maddy Prior. She is blind from glaucoma. Here are all of Frankie Armstrong’s songs ranked.

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8. Little Duke Arthur’s Nurse (Songs and Ballads, 1975)

“Her high range had always been a put off to these ears. But this is nice, orchestration is of the time but I happen to like it.”

7. The Sailor Laddie (Lovely On The Water, 1972)

“This song will make you cry, it is so beautiful. One of the best songs ever in my opinion. Also the video is a masterpiece.”

6. Lady Diamond (Songs and Ballads, 1975)

“This song is addictive. I don’t expect this much from this song but it is the best song by Frankie. Such a beautiful song”

Songs and Ballads - Album by Frankie Armstrong | Spotify

5. The Collier Lass (Songs and Ballads, 1975)

“This is definitely her greatest song of all, so powerful and inspirational! The song is just outstanding, the music video makes you want love.”

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4. The Female Drummer (Songs and Ballads, 1975)

“Such a deep and emotional song that touches the heart of true love only seen in one’s eyes. One of the best song of Frankie that I always listen to it while it is in repeat button, always”

3. Lament for the Hull Trawlers (Songs and Ballads, 1975)

“Wonderful song. Amazing voice, joy, intonation… this is among the best albums ever heard… Years and years its been, but the quality of this music stands the test of time.. What a gift”

Frankie Armstrong – Lovely On The Water (Vinyl) - Discogs

2. The Crafty Maid’s Policy (Lovely On The Water, 1972)

“When I heard this song for the first time they played it non-stop on the radio and I forgot about it but then I looked up the words online and found it again…I can’t get enough of it.”

1. The Whore’s Lament (Songs and Ballads, 1975)

“This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I didn’t like it at first but one day I was listening to it and the song really spoke to me and now its one of my favorite songs of all time. “