Gavin DeGraw Albums Ranked

Gavin Shane DeGraw (born February 4, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter. DeGraw rose to fame with his song “I Don’t Want to Be” from his debut album Chariot (2003); the song became the main theme song for The WB drama series One Tree Hill. Other notable singles from his debut album “Chariot” and “Follow Through”. His second album, Gavin DeGraw, was released in 2008 and included the top-20 single “In Love with a Girl”. In 2009, DeGraw released his third album, Free. His fourth album, Sweeter (2011), spawned the hit single “Not Over You” along with “Soldier” and “Sweeter”. In 2013, DeGraw released Make a Move, and Something Worth Saving followed in September 2016. Here are all of Gavin DeGraw albums ranked.

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6. Free (2009)

“ree is such a very personal album that listening to it is almost like reading a diary. Over the years, our girl Gavin has seen many personal and professional ups and downs and many of them are explored on the album. The songwriting and song production are excellent and Gavin’s powerful voice is full of emotion, and that makes this album one of the best. This album is definitely a creative leap forward for Gavin. On this album, he sounds more comfortable, more self-assured than ever. A perfect example of his apparently newfound confidence is the track “Waterfalls.”

5. Something Worth Saving (2016)

“It’s pretty much a pop masterpiece. “She Sets the City on Fire” is pretty catchy here, but it’s just the beginning of the songs that you will be humming: “Kite Like Girl” is pure pop at it’s finest. “Annalee” sounds like something from a classic Billy Joel album. “Feel Like Making Love With The Radio On” will have you singing along in no time at all. And then we have some slower tunes, like the title cut: a beautiful piano ballad that is heartfelt and meaningful.”

4. Gavin DeGraw (2008)

“The contents of the rest of the album are actually remarkably similar the stuff that made ‘Chariot’ so great. There’s nothing but gut-stirring, soulful musical brilliance here. Superficially, the typical music snob might classify this type of music as disposable pop/rock, but at his very core, Gavin DeGraw is essentially a soul artist. If you don’t hear the Stevie Wonder influence in this guy’s voice… you really aren’t listening.”

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3. Make A Move (2013)

“This may be Gavin’s “deepest” album thus far, certainly the strongest front to back since his first 2 albums. Most of this material is upbeat, either pop or power pop, but mostly catchy and minus the softer, more mellow material he is also very strong in producing now and then. The opener, Best I Ever Had, is just a tad cliche but so catchy and upbeat that it pulls you in right away. Make a Move, the title track, is sneaky in how the pop chorus sticks in your head well after listening, so buyer beware!”

2. Chariot (2003)

“DeGraw’s Chariot Stripped album is the pinnacle of the perfect artistic blend of instrumentation, vocality, and raw emotion. The tracks are so clean cut and pure, at times you can actually hear the sound of the piano bench settle underneath Gavin’s weight. Nothing has been tainted with soundboard beats, echo chambers, or even the classic wall of sound, and it could be no better.”

1. Sweeter (2011)

“I think this Sweeter album truly has a combination of it all! I was worried it was gonna be all pop crap, trying to be like all this other crap on the radio, but I’m really impressed! Some of the songs are “popish”, but I would say more “vibey” would be the way to describe them, like “Sweeter” and “Radiation” are really fun songs. I think the new single should be “Run Every Time”, that would be a great catchy radio song.”