Get A Grip Songs Ranked

Get a Grip is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released in April 1993 by Geffen Records. Get a Grip was the band’s last studio album to be released by Geffen before they returned to Columbia Records. Get a Grip became Aerosmith’s best-selling studio album worldwide, achieving sales of over 20 million copies. The album became the band’s first album to reach number one in the United States and tied with Pump for their second best-selling album in the U.S., selling over 7 million copies as of 1995 (Toys in the Attic leads with eight million). This also made it their third consecutive album with U.S. sales of at least five million. Two songs from the album won Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, in 1993 and 1994. The album was voted Album of the Year by Metal Edge readers in the magazine’s 1993 Readers’ Choice Awards, while “Livin’ on the Edge” was voted Best Video. Here are all of Get A Grip’s songs ranked.

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15. Boogie Man

“This is a decent piece of music. A very good piece as a matter of fact. However, the send off at the end of Amazing would have been the best way to end the album.”

13. Walk on Down

“One more mistake on the album is giving Joe Perry the lead vocals on this song. While the guitars wale, and Kramer is keeping up. Not too mention the rest of the band doing their buisness. None of them can prop the song up for Joes weak vocal.”

12. Intro

“A bluesy little scat number witha cool delivery by Tyler. Pretty decent hard rock release, but doesnt manage to offer anything really relevant at the time. “

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11. Flesh

“The album starts to falter here. Flesh is good, but compared to other songs it comes off as pure filler. In the end it is easily forgotten.”

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10. Line Up

“At this point, this song could be seen as filler. It is not as stand out as .. say Crazy or Living on The Edge, but it is still a strong song. Catchy and quick.”

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9. Gotta Love It

“Decent, but like fever, it will not stay with you. The chorus is not even memorable, making this the weakest non joe perry vocal song.”

8. Fever

“The break in starts the song of running. With a bit of harmonica, this sounds bluesier than Get A Grip. Enjoyable, with a tune that you can hum to.”

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7. Get a Grip

“Opens with a solo drum. simple nothing to it really. Then Steven breaks in with the chorus. The verse is very staccatta and has a hard time finding any real groove. The chorus is catchy. “

6. Eat the Rich

“Starts off with a chaotic opening, but then the guitars take over, and this becomes a fast paced and enjoyable rock song. Catchy.”

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5. Livin’ on the Edge

“By far one of their best songs. With a heavy guitar sound, and excellent drumming setting up a wall of music for Tyler to play with.”

4. Cryin’

“At this point if you were alive in the 90’s you have an opinion on this song. It was played so much that news casts were interrupted by emergency playings of this song. Personally it stands the test. It is melodic, and catchy. “

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3. Shut Up and Dance

“At first listen, I did not care for this song. but with multiple sittings it has grown on me. I remember hearing it first in Waynes World 2.”

2. Crazy

“Another staple song for the 90’s, and another excellent Aerosmith ballad. This one hold up better than Cryin in my opinion. One of the few songs I can sit through back to back listenings.”

1. Amazing

“Possibly my favorite Aerosmith. If not, I am sure it is in my top 5. Absolutely Tyler at his best. Without a doubt beautiful commercial ballad but was also played to death.”