Aerosmith Songs Ranked

Aerosmith is the eponymous debut studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released on January 5, 1973, by Columbia Records.  “Dream On”, originally released as a single in 1973, became an American top ten hit when re-released in December 1975. The album peaked at number 21 on the US Billboard 200 album chart in 1976. After entering a partnership with Frank Connelly, David Krebs and Steve Leber invited members of two record labels – Atlantic Records and Columbia Records – to view an Aerosmith concert at Max’s Kansas City. Clive Davis, the president of Columbia, was impressed with the band and Aerosmith signed with Columbia in the summer of 1972. Here are all of Aerosmith’s songs ranked.

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8. Walkin’ the Dog

“And speaking of guitar riffs, these are some of the best that Perry and Whitford ever came up with! I never got to hear the original of this song, but their rendition is truly killer and the lyrics fit Steve’s style of singing so well, you almost think that they were his own! Also of note–Tyler’s wood flute solo in the middle: I never thought you could add a wood flute to this kind of bump-and-grind rhythm and make it sound cool, but Stevie made it work..”

7. Somebody

“Somebody” also sounds very raw, it has a decent rocking beat but the bridge of the song just sounds like a lot of loud noise. Sounds a lot like “Makin It, A little more catchy though.”

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6. One Way Street

“A really good bluesy number,really cool. “One Way Street” has a jazzy and bluesy opening with lots of harmonica that leads into lots of guitar work. The song seems a bit too long. The song feels like one long jam session after awhile.”

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5. Write Me a Letter

“Write Me A Letter” the song has a nice beat and moves right along sounds decent. “Write Me a Letter” is another cool shuffle and they do a great job making Rufus Thomas’ R&B classic.”

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4. Movin’ Out

“This is the best song I hadn’t previously known on the album. Great Blues rock . Amazing what a simple act of being kicked out of your pad would inspire such great lyrics and great guitar riffs! But this is one of my personal favorites from the album, the guitar riffs stick in my head for days!

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3. Make It

“Good evening people, welcome to the show”, belts out Steve Tyler as he makes his grand entrance to the rock and roll world. The first words on the first song on the first album by Aerosmith–as memorable an opening line as the first words on the first song on the first album by Led Zeppelin, as Robert Plant spews out “In the days of my youth” on their classic opener, “Good Times Bad Times”. Musically speaking, it is the most dated sounding song in Aerosmith’s repetiore. A lot of people say that their most dated sounding song is “Spaced” from the second album, “Get Your Wings”. I strongly disagree. Not only was this song, and this album, recorded on much more ancient equipment than “Get Your Wings”, but the song itself features such choppy, mod-punk, Who-Kinks like guitar riffs from Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, forget 1973–this sounds like Aerosmith if they had existed in the 1960s! But it is one of my personal favorites because of it.”

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2. Mama Kin

“Mama Kin” has another memorable guitar hook and powerful vocals, making it a cover song choice for numerous bands, including Guns and Roses. Mama Kin’ was another extremely out of tune rocker with Perry’s solo sounding like a bad live Hendrix performance (which Hendrix bad is better than most good) so that is saying something.

1. Dream On

“What else can be said about this gem that hasn’t already. The ultimate heavy rock power ballad, and one that should have been a hit in all of America when it was first released. About the smartest thing Aerosmith ever did was re-release this as a single 3 years later, knowing full well that with their new-found fame, America would embrace it..And they did! It should have been saved for last on the album though, instead of buried in the middle”