Permanent Vacation Songs Ranked

Permanent Vacation is the ninth studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released by Geffen Records in August 1987. The album marks the band’s shift to a glam metal sound that they would maintain up to 2001’s Just Push Play. Three hit singles were released from the album, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, “Angel”, and “Rag Doll”. It was their first to employ songwriters outside the band, instead of featuring songs solely composed by them. This came at the suggestion of executive John Kalodner. He also pushed the band to work with producer Bruce Fairbairn, who remained with them for another two albums. It was also the first Aerosmith album to be promoted by heavy music video airplay on MTV. Though Done with Mirrors was intended to mark Aerosmith’s comeback, Permanent Vacation is often considered their true comeback, as it was the band’s first truly popular album since their reunion. “Rag Doll”, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, and “Angel” became major hits (all three charted in the Top 20) and helped Permanent Vacation become the band’s greatest success in a decade. Permanent Vacation has sold over five million copies in the U.S. In the UK, it was the first Aerosmith album to attain both Silver (60,000 units sold) and Gold (100,000 units sold) certification by the British Phonographic Industry, achieving these in July 1989 and March 1990 respectively. Here. are all of the Permanent Vacation songs ranked.

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11. Simoriah

“The band also delves into a bit of more ‘decent’ rock material on the haunting “Simoriah”, which remained in the shadow of the slighter single-selections off _Permanent Vacation_, yet is actually one of the best songs around here.

10. Hangman Jury

“Has a great swamp feel in the begining then morphs into really good rock song. Even my brother who doesn’t like Aerosmith likes this one. “Hangman Jury” sounds like the swamps of New Orleans themselves had a hand in the conception of this song. Very pleasant surprises on an album that is fun, but often a bit too clean and perfect to get its own personality.”

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9. Magic Touch

“This song keeps the energy up and has a good solo. “Magic touch” keeps up that style with sing-along chorus, accessible riffs and arena feeling. “Magic Touch” is a really catchy song that you wount be able to get out of your head after you hear it the first time.”

8. Girl Keeps Coming Apart

“Aerosmith was one of the few bands in rock history to make as big of a comeback as they did. Their post-drug albums always felt a little too commercial to me and the use of pop songwriters is evident. Still, there’s good music here.”

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7. Heart’s Done Time

“Starts with some whale noises then the bad boys from Boston bash away and announce they are back. “Heart’s done time” is a perfect example of the reformed Aerosmith sound that was to determine the character of the late eighties and early nineties, and it is a winning track.”

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6. St. John

“Very good song about corruption in the church. Evidence of this stylistic change can be seen in tracks like St. John, which bops along nicely, and I quite like..”

5. Rag Doll

“Big hit & great video. Very fun hard rocking song. One of their best songs ever and a concert stable. “Rag doll” then, is the first of several Aerosmith radio-hits from this album. It is utter pop-rock with a slick glamour touch, due to the inclusion of frivolous horns. Whatever the old fans thought of it, young mainstream listeners loved it – still a worthwhile guilty pleasure today!”

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4. I’m Down

“The Beatles b-side version of “I’m down” is a real surprise and close to a feat, being an unpretentious demonstration of pure fun in the studio with the band enjoying to launch into this old rocker, thus almost topping off the Macca-original!”

3. Permanent Vacation

“Good song that makes you feel like your on a Carribean island. When Aero recorded _Permanent Vacation_ in ’87, there was hope that the group would revert to the style of no-frills, ass kickin’ rock ‘n’ roll, that dominated their albums throughout the mind-blowing ’70s.”

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2. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

“Inspired by Motley Crue’s Vince Neil. This song delivers and was another big hit. I love the guitar solo and the nasty sexual tension it holds. “Dude (looks like a lady)” is a very strong hint at _Pump_, it’s funny and equally annoying. If it wasn’t Steven Tyler yelling himself nuts on this track, the song would probably never have been accepted by anybody.

1. Angel

“This is a power ballad but don’t let that fool you. The lyrics and musicianship are top notch and this is a masterpiece and best song from the album. The start of a nemesis for many fans, who saw their old heroes going down a power-ballad path that took the mind off their real strengths.”