Draw The Line Songs Ranked

Draw the Line is the fifth studio album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released in December 1977. It was recorded in an abandoned convent near New York City. The portrait of the band on the album cover was drawn by the celebrity caricaturist Al Hirschfeld. By 1977, Aerosmith had released four studio albums, the two most recent – Toys in the Attic (1975) and Rocks (1976) – catapulting the band to stardom. However, as the band began recording its next album, Draw the Line, their excessive lifestyle, combined with constant touring and drug use, began to take its toll. “Draw the Line was untogether because we weren’t a cohesive unit anymore,” guitarist Joe Perry admitted in the Stephen Davis band memoir Walk This Way. “We were drug addicts dabbling in music, rather than musicians dabbling in drugs. Although the LP would sell well more than a million copies in fewer than six weeks after its release, in 2014 Perry would refer to it as “the beginning of the end” and “the decay of our artistry.” Here are all of the Draw The Line songs ranked.

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9. Get It Up

“A decent blues rock number. It helps pick things up after Criticle Mass. They still have yet to capture the old magic on this album. Probably not their best song written, but has me rocking to it. Another up-beat song that you could only imagine is about.”

8. Critical Mass

“My favorite off of this album that has a very drug like feel to it. It was actually written by Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton and Jack Douglas, which I believe is their record producer who play’s mandolin in the song. If listening to this song at the right moment you feel like you start tripping. Especially at the end when Joe Perry and Steven sing “Time and Space is taking me away…” The last unique thing about this song is how it fades out and then fades back in, tricking you into thinking its over… clever in my eyes.”

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7. The Hand That Feeds

“Kinda starts off in a strange manor, but by the end of the song you will have the lyrics stuck in your head. It seems they pick up after Kings And Queens, either that or this song is benefieting because of the high I got off of the previous song. It returns to the fun promised by the title track.”

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6. Bright Light Fright

“Hey do you know what would turn this hard rocking number whose music, guitar solo and lyrics seem tor eturn the magic of old Aerosmith into a steaming pile? Let Joe Perry sing it. A very fast song that has a lot of Blue’s traits in it.”

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5. I Wanna Know Why

“Their ode to the pains of becoming famous, and thus not being able to trust people. Makes you want to get up and dance. Steven’s vocals in this song are very unique to me. Very up-beat and I enjoy every part of it.”

4. Sight for Sore Eyes

“Awesome bass rift in this that has almost the same pattern all the way through. It’s a fun song to listen to and in no doubt is about girls.”

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3. Milk Cow Blues

“This is an album they must have had wars over. Aerosmith has always switched between hard rock, and blues rock. Here they decide to end it with the blues, proving a little schizo after the last two songs. That said. It is catchy, and entertaining. One of the better numbers on the album.”

2. Draw the Line

“Great riff, and a solid album opener. Get them going quick has been there motto. No exception here. Although it is not as strong a song as “Toys”, but it does its job.”

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1. Kings and Queens

“Now this is more like it. It is a haunting Rock Ballad, and in this case it is a ballad in the classic sense. Creating a story and image. This is absolute Aerosmith at their best.”