Gnarls Barkley Songs Ranked

Gnarls Barkley is an American soul duo, composed of singer-songwriter CeeLo Green and producer Danger Mouse. They released their debut studio album, St. Elsewhere, in 2006. It contained their hit single “Crazy”, which peaked at number two on the US Hot 100 and topped the UK Singles Chart. It was nominated at the 2007 Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and was platinum certified for shipping over 1,000,000 records. St. Elsewhere also received a nomination for Album of the Year. The Odd Couple, their second studio album, was scheduled for release in April 2008, but due to a leak of their album over the internet, they decided to release it early. The album in its entirety received good reviews, but it did not have as much commercial success as its first album. Here are all of Gnarls Barkley songs ranked.

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11. Just a Thought (St. Elsewhere, 2006)

“Just A Thought”, a beautiful, edge-of-sanity ballad that could sit right alongside Notorious BIG’s “Suicidal Thoughts” on a mixtape just fine.”

10. Surprise (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“This is even more of a soul record than the debut, and also a bit poppier.  It’s also a bit more stale.  However, the second chapter is still a cool release overall.”

9. Charity Case (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“”Charity Case” is not a energetic kind of song like the opener on their debut, they both serve as just a brief “hello” and a transportation into the best tune of the album at track two.”

8. No Time Soon (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“Cee-Lo is alright for the most part; I guess I don’t consider him the flaw because he’s the one who is consistently okay…doesn’t sound bad, and doesn’t sound great.”

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7. Going On (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“Cee-Lo rapidly firing off the verses in his powerful, mellifluous tenor, Danger Mouse supporting him with doo-wop hand-claps, cathedral organ, and a plaintive, meandering guitar; when the wall of the singer’s own backing vocals come in like a melancholic curtain, it’s positively magnificent.”

6. Whatever (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“”Whatever” is a wonderfully bratty piece of Motown soul, the singer’s adolescent ruminations (“Shut up, Mom, it is not ok!”) delivered in a marble-mouthed pout.”

5. A Little Better (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“A Little Better” brings to mind the early work of Stevie Wonder, deliberate and smoky, a walking upright bass line and cool, shimmering percussion under Cee-Lo’s gospelesque declarations of gratitude.”

4. Open Book (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“The ambient jungle sounds that lurk under “Open Book” are a perfect compliment to Cee-Lo’s animal bellowing, supported by a tribal, vaguely mathy beat”

3. Blind Mary (The Odd Couple, 2008)

“”Blind Mary” is the record’s lightest-hearted song, and a pretty catchy one.” It shows a different kind of beauty through its lyrics about a woman who really lives the clichéd idea of loving a man for who he is, and not for his looks.”

2. Smiley Faces (St. Elsewhere, 2006)

“Smiley Faces” is another catchy, up-tempo, spaced-out soul tune where Cee-Lo truly reveals some of his abilities as a singer.”

1. Crazy (St. Elsewhere, 2006)

“Crazy is a very nice pop track, and certainly has the catchiest melody, but tracks such as ‘St. Elsewhere’. “Crazy” is the epitome of this genre blend, and one of the best songs of its decade. Cee-Lo’s vocals are stellar, the production is awesome, and the melody is catchy as hell.”