Gary Moore Songs Ranked

Robert William Gary Moore (4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011) was a Northern Irish musician and singer-songwriter. Over the course of his career, Moore played in various groups and performed many different styles of music, including blues, hard rock, heavy metal, and jazz fusion. Influenced by Peter Green and Eric Clapton, Moore was often described as a virtuoso and was himself a major influence on many other guitarists. He was voted one of the greatest guitarists of all time on respective lists by Total Guitar and Louder. Irish singer-songwriter Bob Geldof said that “without question, [Moore] was one of the great Irish bluesmen.” For most of his career, Moore was also heavily associated with Peter Green’s famed 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar. Moore was later honored by Gibson and Fender with several signature model guitars of his own. Here are all of Gary Moore’s songs ranked.

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20. Separate Ways (After Hours, 1992)

“Gary Moore is a guitar wunderkind performing a rhythm and blues style rock. The guitar solos are amazing in a technical sense but as is often the case gives up soul and feeling in the process”

19. Picture of the Moon (Back to the Blues, 2001)

“”Picture of the Moon” is a gorgeous ballad that has the electric for the blues feel, but some nice nylon string work to evoke images of Spain. Tastefully done.”

18. Oh Pretty Woman (Still Got the Blues, 1990)

“This is a really good song, the first one of Gary’s that I heard and in my opinion the best. A funky blues-rock single from beginning to end. It features the legendary Albert King on guitar.

17. Moving On (Still Got the Blues, 1990)

“Blues seems a very strange music for me – there are a lot well-known performers, there is a deep feeling within a style, but all in all, the most musicians just follow the same pattern, which is so limited, that we cannot even speak about plagiarism within the genre.”

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16. Run for Cover (Run for Cover, 1985)

“”Run For Cover” is one of blues guitar hero Gary Moore’s best recordings and it is mostly hard rock. Along with some all star musicians Mr. Moore creates a fantastic guitar  oriented hard rock album. Many toe tappers and a couple slower ethereal tracks weave their way through this visceral magical long play.”

15. Wild Frontier (Wild Frontier, 1987)

“You can feel the emotion coming from Gary Moore’s guitar on this long play. A great guitar player is paying tribute to his long time musical pal Philip Lynott with his ax and you can feel it.”

14. One Day (Ballads & Blues 1982–1994, 1994)

“This is a raw and powerful album. It has Moore’s rugged rock vocals along with his great guitar work.  Gary Moore has a great talent with the Guitar.”

13. The Messiah Will Come Again (After the War, 1989)

“This is the best Moore song in my opinion. You can just hear all the emotion being exerted into his playing. Inspiring! Makes me want to play more guitar!!! A great song played impeccably by a master of the instrument.”

12. After the War (After the War, 1988)

“The title track from the album, “After The War”, has touches of the late Thin Lizzy front man Phil Lynott about it, in both song structure and lyric. A poignant song about a soldier returning home to nothing, basically, hoping to be seen as a hero. But those romantic ideas soon fade, the rest makes no sense but is just typical late eighties rock stuff.”

11. Cold Day In Hell (After Hours, 1992)

“COLD DAY IN HELL is from his AFTER HOURS album, the GARY MOORE blues era. Always liked this song, remember when it was released. ALL TIME LOW was a song exclusive to this single but was later included like a bonos on the AFTER HOURS re-release in 2002.”

10. The Prophet (Back to the Blues, 2001)

“I can’t even say something about this, it makes me speechless, its an ultimate masterpiece, it has come from another world… The best Gary Moore song, in my opinion, you can feel the pain coming from the guitar”

9. Midnight Blues (Midnight Blues, 2004)

“Simply stunning… A masterpiece of a true maestro. The guitar and vocals in this are amazing. Number one in my opinion.”

8. Hurricane (Back On The Streets (Expanded Edition), 1978)

“In my humble opinion the best blues guitarist ever this track is one I keep coming back to, possibly one of if not his best.”

7. Story of the Blues (After Hours, 1992)

“A great song by one of the finest musicians ever. He nailed several music genres that are quite far from each other: from blues and jazz to heavy metal and hard rock.”

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6. Empty Rooms (Victims of the Future, 1983)

“Anyone who is human knows this song. Empty rooms are like the heart removed from the body. Loving someone and they go… No better explanation of human emotion.”

5. The Loner (Wild Frontier, 1987)

“His guitar says it all. No need for vocals or mindless shredding. Nobody can play like Gary did and here is the proof. A true masterpiece of guitar! Simplicity at its best! This song is proof that a guitar can sing.”

4. Over the Hills and Far Away (Wild Frontier, 1987)

“This is the coolest Gary Moore song ever! The keyboard is also very great with the nice riff! Whatever the list says.. for me it’s the best

3. Out in the Fields (Now That’s What I Call Music 5, 1999)

“This needs to be number one, I’ve seen it played live (not by Thin Lizzy, I’m only 16) by Limehouse Lizzy, so loud and powerful. Amazing song, one of my all time favorite by a top guitarist who was part of a top band!”

2. Parisienne Walkways (Back on the Streets, 1979)

“Gary Moore had two voices. One came from his vocal chords, the other from his guitar. The pinnacle of blues ballads…Mr Moore soars both in volume also and axe performance. A great exhibition of his skills.”