Going for the One Songs Ranked

Going for the One is the eighth studio album by English progressive rock band Yes, released on 15 July 1977 by Atlantic Records. After taking a break in activity in 1975 for each member to release a solo album and their 1976 North American tour, the band relocated to Montreux, Switzerland to record their next studio album. During rehearsals, keyboardist Patrick Moraz was removed from the group, which marked the return of Rick Wakeman who had left to pursue a solo career after differences surrounding Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973). In a departure from their previous albums, Going for the One, with the exception of the fifteen-minute “Awaken”, features shorter and more direct songs without an overarching concept, and saw Yes record with new engineering personnel and cover artists. Here are all of Going for the One songs ranked.

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5. Parallels

“Parallels” somehow that weird organ translates into a pretty solid rocker, it sorta reminds me of those cheesey arena rock songs, but with Yes vocals! also completely surprised to hear a guitar solo here, its just rare for a Yes album.”

4. Turn of the Century

“This song marks the return of some great and surean acoustic guitar meandering. I am very much convinced this is one of the greatest ballads by the band and is also the only real reason to own this album! Very beuatiful and peaceful.”

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3. Going for the One

“This one always takes me back, its just so strange to hear, definantly not a bad song, but it has this weird “down on the farm” quality, like this raceing thing, the choros is really sick though, so apart from the cheesey chord riffs its not a terrible song.”

2. Awaken

“I think i did a halfassed job reviewing this album, but ill keep it brief, “Awaken” is a damn impressive way to end an album, its not as powerful as previous yes album closers but it tries and very nearly succeeds, It can be impossible to get through at times, but when you have patience its definitely rewarding in its own right!”

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1. Wonderous Stories

”Wonderous stories” is another smooth Yes version with lots of acoustic guitar, organ, synths and deep bass by Squire, a typical Prog ballad, epic yet conservative.First signs of Yes flirting with more conventional music paths.”