Gov’t Mule Songs Ranked

Gov’t Mule (pronounced Government Mule) is an American southern rock jam band, formed in 1994 as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band by guitarist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody. Fans often refer to Gov’t Mule simply as Mule. The band released their debut album, Gov’t Mule, in 1995, and have since released an additional nine studio albums, plus numerous EPs and live releases. Gov’t Mule has become a staple act at music festivals across North America, with both its members and frequent guests boasting members from other notable bands, adding various funk and blues rock elements to the band’s sound. Here are all of Gov’t Mule songs ranked.

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10. Wandering Child (Life Before Insanity, 2000)

“This is founding bass player Allen Woody’s last album, it displays a certain mystique because some of the songs are tales of a hard livin man. It’s a very “hard” edge sounding Mule album packed with really well written songs.”

9. Scared To Live (Shout, 2013))

“Pretty much the ultimate Mule album if you come expecting a mix of hard rock, blues and jam. Kind of long but it didn’t take me long to get through it as I already knew half the album. More of a live band overall but this is well worth hearing if you like the above genres.”

8. Birth of the Mule (Dose, 1998)

“Gov’t Is labeled as a Jam Band but on this record, they do not show it, sure there is a lot of studio improvisation which is a large characteristic of jam Bands but this record does not give of that vibe that I personally associate Jam Bands with.”

7. Wine and Blood (Deja Voodoo, 2004)

“Like damn near all jam bands, you just don’t judge a band by their studio stuff. I’ve heard a live album of theirs before this and loved it, however this album I can’t say the same about. Took me a few tries just to get through it.”

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6. Unring the Bell (High and Mighty, 2006)

“Gov’t Mule has done it again. They continue to write and record the best riff/jam-based music around, in my humble opinion. Warren Haynes is a monster player, backed by a solid rhythm section.”

5. Blind Man in the Dark (Dose, 1998)

“While I expected a moderately hackneyed effort, I was pleasantly surprised by this albums competence. While there is nothing truly original about its style or production, it makes up for its shortcomings with plain ol’ good son writing.”

4. Captured (Shout!, 2013)

“Nice bluesy kind of southern rock with a slight noisy approach to it all. Quite sing along friendly at the same time as it’s got a very good groove to it. The band does sound tight, although a wee bit like there would be more to give, than the studio recording let’s you get”

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3. Rockin’ Horse (Gov’t Mule, 1995)

“Warren Haynes is a fantastic singer, guitarist and songwriter.The rhythm section is incredible, very fine, hard and loud. Excellent blues guitar stuff up to date and real good!This band can play!”

2. Broke Down on the Brazos (By a Thread, 2009)

“What really stands out here is the diversity and ability in Warren Haynes and company. Fans familiar with Haynes’ work will not find this at all surprising as his talents stretch far and wide.”

1. Mule (Gov’t Mule, 1995)

“Super trio’s first hit and I must say very strong one. Less jazzy,  more rocky than Allmans. Warren Hayes is too strong personality to end up as only guitarist for Allmans. He made his name out there and decided to spread his wings. “