Hinder Songs Ranked

Hinder is an American rock band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that was formed in 2001 by lead singer Austin Winkler, guitarist Joe “Blower” Garvey, and drummer Cody Hanson with bassist Mike Roden and guitarist Mark King, joining in 2003, solidifying the line-up. The band released four studio albums with Winkler; Extreme Behavior (2005), Take It to the Limit (2008), All American Nightmare (2010), and Welcome to the Freakshow (2012). Cody Hanson, along with former lead singer Austin Winkler, wrote the majority of the band’s music on their first four albums. After Winkler left the band in 2013, they looked for a new lead vocalist and added Marshal Dutton. They have since released: When The Smoke Clears (2015) and The Reign (2017) with their new vocalist. Their seventh studio album is expected in 2020. The band was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2007. Here are all of the Hinder songs ranked.

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15. Loaded and Alone (Take It to the Limit, 2008)

“This Rock band plays new classic rock that is great and comparable to the great rock bands of the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s. Excellent!!”

14. Room 21 (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“This cd is simply amazing! Hinder has done it!! This is my favorite cd in my collection by far! Every single song on this cd is amazing! Its one of the few if not the ONLY cd that i have that i can put in and listen to every song on it without wanting to skip anything!”

13. Homecoming Queen (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“Critical whipping boys Hinder will never get much respect from a lot of rock fans, and it’s somewhat understandable given the explicitly raunchy, party-arty nature of a lot of the guys’ songs. However, the band’s also shown a rather tender side in several tracks, and “Homecoming Queen” is an excellent example. This great power ballad laments a talented woman’s collapse after being buried in social expectations, and it’s well worth listening to over and over again.”

12. Everybody’s Wrong (All American Nightmare, 2010)

“This is the best song by this group… Austin voice is so perfect and full of emotions… Love this song… Love Hinder”

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11. What Ya Gonna Do (All American Nightmare, 2010)

“It’s a great song I would recommend it to everyone Hinder is a great band all of their songs have meanings in them. Along with the rest of this album, this song really strikes a cord. A little country, a lot of rock & roll, and how can you go wrong with a lyric like: “What ya Gonna do when the whiskey ain’t workin’ no more and life don’t feel like before…”?”

10. Up All Night (Take It to the Limit, 2008)

“Great song! First song I ever heard from Hinder was “Lips of an Angel” so I passed over all their music, so I was shocked to learn this was by them! But I’m gaining more and more respect from them as I listen to their music.”

9. Use Me (Take It to the Limit, 2008)

“The first time I heard “use me” I thought to myself, this guitar player is rockin’ like it was 1985! I’m a guitar player, so I know what I’m talking about when I say this guy is good. This song flat out rocks, as does the entire album. Most alternative music today is based on power chords (no catchy guitar riffs or solos). Hinder seems to break that tradition by using a nice mix of both.”

8. Born to Be Wild (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“Hinder revives the simpleton riffs and stupid misogyny of 2001 albums from the likes of Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback for a whole new generation of pre adults trying to find their way and identity. This isn’t even post-grunge — it’s straight-up rock.”

7. By the Way (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“By The Way” is probably Hinder’s strongest attempt, with chorus parts featuring multi-track songs, for the first and only time urging humble appreciation.”

6. All American Nightmare (All American Nightmare, 2010)

“Hinder “All American Nightmare” is what you would expect from a Hinder album. It’s terribly cliché, uses direct influences both lyrically and musically, and it’s a slightly guilty pleasure. Austin Winkler’s voice is unique and generally badass and despite everything you can touch in the composition of their songs, you can’t deny that they are a tight-knit band that knows how to play and knows what their audience wants.”

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5. How Long (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“I love this group! The lead singer’s voice is scratchy and its just what I like (Very Sexy). Their sound is similar to Nickelback but I honestly like Hinder better. I love watching the videos – the lead singer is SO animated! I love it!”

4. Get Stoned (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“If you like hinder I’m sure you’ve heard this song, I love it! Go home, get stoned!!!! YAAAA!!!! That line alone makes it worth my while to listen to it. This guy has a very interesting voice, it sounds like he ate some gravel. But I love this rockin’ song.”

3. Without You (Take It to the Limit, 2008)

“Amazing song, amazing band, a must have if you are into true rock music. Great music from a great band. I have always come to expect wonderful music from this band. It is not only because they are from a local town, but also because they are are some of the best rockers out there.”

2. Better Than Me (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“The songs really good and has loads of meaning in its lyrics. Really helps me to express my feelings when I miss my girlfriend. A must hear for all those who likes emotional rock songs.”

1. Lips of an Angel (Extreme Behavior, 2005)

“A touching song about cheating on your significant other and undoubtedly the greatest achievement of the post-grunge genre. Lips of an Angel, released at the very (VERY) tail end of the era, is a cumulation of all that old smelly cheese that has built up over the years. It’s the largest smelliest gob of cheese I have ever come across. It’s beautiful.”