Hinder Albums Ranked

Hinder is an American rock band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that was formed in 2001 by lead singer Austin Winkler, guitarist Joe “Blower” Garvey, and drummer Cody Hanson with bassist Mike Roden and guitarist Mark King, joining in 2003, solidifying the line-up. The band released four studio albums with Winkler; Extreme Behavior (2005), Take It to the Limit (2008), All American Nightmare (2010), and Welcome to the Freakshow (2012). Cody Hanson, along with former lead singer Austin Winkler, wrote the majority of the band’s music on their first four albums. After Winkler left the band in 2013, they looked for a new lead vocalist and added Marshal Dutton. They have since released: When The Smoke Clears (2015) and The Reign (2017) with their new vocalist. Their seventh studio album is expected in 2020. The band was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2007. Here are all of the Hinder albums ranked.

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5. When The Smoke Clears (2015)

“The new singer, Marshal Dutton, has a solid voice. Every song is very good. My favorites include “Hit the Ground”, “Wasted Life”, “Dead to Me’, and “Foolish Eyes”. If you have been a Hinder fan or have listened to Hinder, you will like this album.”

4. Welcome To The Freakshow (2012)

“I don’t know why there is so much hate about Hinders album, I mean c-mon it is what we call PROGRESSIVE rock, and can you honestly say any of hinders albums sound the same. Thats whats good about the album you idiots its new its refreshing and creative just like hinder always brings to the table. Each album I am amazed how they come up with new ways to create music it is truly a musical journey”

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3. All American Nightmare (2010)

“This album re-defines the over-used phrase, “THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!”, pushing the bar higher. The more I listen to this album the more I love it. No matter what your taste of rock-genre or from what decade of rock you originate there is something for you on this album. Personally, I originate from the Southern-rock era of the 70’s and the hair-bands of the 80’s, and while it can easily sit next to Crue and even Skynnrd on the shelf, it brings new breath to a decade of rock trying to find it’s roots again. One word: perfection!”

2. Take It To The Limit (2008)

“Take it to the Limit features some of my favorite tracks the band has ever produced. Highlights include Use Me, Loaded and Alone, Last Kiss Goodbye, Without You, The Best is Yet to Come and Heaven Sent. The album closes with another favorite of mine, Far from Home. Needless to say I was extremely saddened to learn recently that Austin Winkler was leaving the band. They won’t be the same without his vocals.”

1. Extreme Behavior (2005)

“his album is one of those you can listen to from beginning to end, every song is awesome!! “Get Stoned”, “How Long”, & “Better Than Me” are my favs. I can relate to “Lips of an Angel” since I was the girl calling at one point… I think they have their own sound by combining different things done in the past, which is what good music is all about… and I love the singer’s voice!”