Neon Trees Albums Ranked

Neon Trees is an American rock band from Provo, Utah. The band received nationwide exposure in late 2008 when they opened several North American tour dates for the band The Killers. Not long after, the band was signed by Mercury Records and released their first studio album, Habits, in 2010. Their first single, “Animal”, climbed to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Alternative Songs chart. Here are all of Neon Trees albums ranked.

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4. I Can Feel You Forgetting Me (2020)

“Very heartfelt songs with classic Neon Trees sound. Other standouts include spirited opener Nights, whose chorus opens up like a black and white movie transitioning into color, lead single Used To Like, and the dancey, emotional trinity of Everything Is Killing Me, Going Through Something, and When The Night Is Over. There’s not a miss here unless you count closer New Best Friend not living up to that of the band’s last record, “Pop Psychology.” (First Things First remains the group’s closer to beat.”

3. Pop Psychology (2014)

“”Pop Psychology” is one of those rare kind of albums that has both radio-friendly beats and emotionally resonant lyrics. Frequent themes that Neon Trees usually sings about can also be found on this album: love, angst, societal pressure. All in all, “Pop Psychology” is a terrific album that can be listened to over and over again.”

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2. Picture Show (2012)

“Picture Show is easily my favorite from Neon Trees. It ranges anywhere from hyper slightly punky to intimate, with some nice inbetweener pop rockers, and fun dance tunes. Though a little all over the place, it’s this variety that makes me think they really hit the mark and show that they are much more talented than given credit for. Even what was probably supposed to be filler was incredibly enjoyable and I never found myself skipping a track.”

1. Habits (2010)

“This album has it all- deep lyrics, fun melodies, originality, and genuine. Going to a concert and meeting them is only that much more of an enhancement from the CD. The album hits common, relatable issues including love, friendship, drugs, being able to let go, and having fun. The melodies themselves help tell the story. It’s such a perfect combination. An undeniably underrated band that deserves more attention and mainstream popularity.”