Grand Funk Railroad Albums Ranked

Grand Funk Railroad, sometimes shortened as Grand Funk, is an American hard rock band popular during the 1970s, which toured extensively and played to packed arenas worldwide. Known for their crowd-pleasing arena rock style, the band was well-regarded by audiences despite a relative lack of critical acclaim. The band’s name is a play on words of the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, a line that runs through the band’s home town of Flint, Michigan. Grand Funk laid the groundwork for such bands as Foreigner, Journey, Van Halen and Bon Jovi with its signature hard-driving sound, soulful vocals, muscular instrumentation, and forceful pop melodies. The fact that Grand Funk’s legacy still reigns over the Classic Rock landscape fifty years after its 1969 birth in Flint, Michigan is a testament to the group’s influence and staying power. Mega-hits We’re An American BandI’m Your Captain/Closer To HomeLocomotion, and Some Kind Of Wonderful still receive continuous airplay on Classic Rock radio. We’re An American Band has received notoriety in recent years being used in movie soundtracks and in television/radio advertising. The huge hit was featured in a General Motors national TV ad campaign and in Disney’s animated feature film The Country BearsWe’re An American Band was featured in the Cuba Gooding Jr. film RADIO, and also in the swashbuckler SAHARA starring Matthew McConaughey. Here are all Grand Funk Railroad albums ranked

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8. Good Singin’, Good Playin’ (1976)

“My favorite album by Grand Funk. Produced by the great Frank Zappa. Zappy plays lead on Out To Get You. I love Grand Funk. They have a different type of Hometown Rock that comes out on their albums. It lives up to it’s name. Good Singing Good Playing, Grand Funking Rock N Roll!!!”

7. Phoenix (1972)

“Phoenix was GFRs only self produced effort and I think its just a great album (CD). It was a departure from the early power trio days and they had added Craig Frost (Keyboard) to the band to round and fill out the sound. The album had one Radio hit, Rock N roll Soul that is a fine song and GFR plays it to this day, But the album is filled with very good songs that are somewhat forgotten and should not be. Someone is a sad and pretty yearning for love song. Rain Keeps Fallin again a nice love song.”

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6. Survival (1971)

” loved this album as a kid. I still love it. The mix is sublime, and the drums are in a world of their own. This version had several unreleased versions of songs that were a lot of fun. IF you like Mark, Don, and Mel you need a copy of this album. If you don’t have any Grand Funk albums this is the one you need to start with. Great stuff!”

5. On Time (1969)

“Most of these songs were a staple of their concerts for most of the 70’s. The saving grace was when the Digital CD came out and this LP was re-mastered, as on the original LP the fantastic bass player Mel, was to low in the mix, now the re-mastered CD of this first LP by a true American band sounds great.”

4. E Pluribus Funk (1971)

“E Pluribus Funk Is one of Rock Histories Greastest Hard Rock Albums. It is also probably the beast played Bass Album in Rock History. Mel Schacher GFR’s Bass god is just phenomenal from start to finish on this one; but he is on every GFR album as well; Mel really sets the litmus test for all bass players on I Come Tumblin,’ it is lead bass playing personified. E Pluribus Funk Just Rocks from cover to cover with one exception of a slower, mellower, fully orchestrated, colossal work called Loneliness a great song, that never fully got the run it deserved.”

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3. We’re an American Band (1973)

“WE’RE AN AMERICAN BAND is the best Grand Funk Railroad CD ever. True, it does sound commercial, but sometimes, and I know it’s rare, a band needs a more commercial approach to recharge itself, and in Grand Funk’s case, that was definitely true. The result is an album that still gets played on radio today. One song that should have been a hit is “I Ain’t Got Nobody”, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t released as a single.”

2. Grand Funk (1969)

“Set the wayback machine to 1969. Turn the amps to 11. And listen to GRAND FUNK. Their first fuzz and distortion drenched outing. This remaster sounds great. The first 3 GF studio albums and the Live double LP just kill. Forget the commercial sellout records that came later. This is the real deal. Rock-n-Roll.”

1.Closer to Home (1970)

“Closer to home is more of a blues based album there GFRs pervious efforts and It also contains GFR magus Opus (Best song) in my opinion I’m Your Captain Closer To Home. Its wonderful song and singer Songwriter Mark Farner said it came to him in a dream and that he believe God gave him this song to be meaningful to people. It has been meaningful to me for over 30 years now and to millions of others as well. The song is just a beautiful blend of melodic Guitar chords (Mark Farner) a great lead bass line (Mel Schacher) and wonderful drumming along (Don Brewer) with great lead vocals by Mark and wonderful Harmonies between Mark and Don, take all that and include a great orchestra blended and you have an all time rock classic.”